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I was asked to put together a production of email and native excel spreadsheets on a Friday afternoon. Our normal vendor could not complete the task, so I reached out to Logikcull for help. Not only was I able to get the job done, but The tool was so intuitive that I was halfway done with the production before I spoke with Robert who was supposed to walk me through using the tool. Additionally, the team at Logikcull provided great service and made themselves available to make sure my production was completed on time. Thanks Logikcull!

Ray Biederman
Proteus Discovery Group LLC

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I was asked to put together a production of email and native excel spreadsheets on a Friday afternoon. Our normal vendor could not complete the task, so I reached out to Logikcull for help. Not only was I able to get the job done, but The tool was so intuitive that I was halfway done with the production before I spoke with Robert who was supposed to walk me through using the tool. Additionally, the team at Logikcull provided great service and made themselves available to make sure my production was completed on time. Thanks Logikcull!

Ray Biederman
COO Proteus Discovery Group LLC

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We are now able to help out attorneys get documents to review much faster than before on our own local platform or even when we used other 3rd party vendors. The same holds tree for productions.

The Logikcull tool is highly user intuitive for most tasks. Our firm’s attorneys find it easy to begin a review. Our lit support staff finds it super easy to set up a project and upload data. In fact, during our pilot of the project, I turned a few of our (admittedly more technically “aware”) attorneys loose in a project with no training at all. They figured out how to tag, download selected docs, and even upload a new doc set on their own.

Jennifer Williams
Director of Practice Support Vinson & Elkins

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For an expedited project, the processing for review was fast and enabled us to complete the review in an easy and efficient manner. The privilege filtering enabled us to cull out for Privilege and get the responsive data produced quickly.

Patti Zerwas
Discovery Project Manager Haynes and Boone

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My team at a prior firm had the opportunity to use Logikcull for information governance projects. Using it for the collection and data transfers associated with lawyer mobility brought tremendous efficiencies to a tedious, labor-intensive process. We were able to reduce the amount of staff time required to manually review and extract specific types of files and data, and reduced the amount of time required by attorneys to conduct a final review.

Leigh Isaacs
Director, Records & Information Governance White & Case LLP

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What brings my team and I back to Logikcull is it’s support. They respond quickly, aren’t condescending (hugely helpful with non-tech savvy personnel) and know their stuff. Logikcull is constantly evolving, adding more features and really catering to it’s clientele. Great program, highly recommend.

Chy Eaton
Paralegal Newman Du Wors LLP

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Having outsourced our e-discovery needs before and getting saddled with prohibitively expensive monthly bills for half the functionality and ease of use that Logikcull offers, we are thrilled with our entire experience. Our platform of choice, Logikcull, has all the features of the software favored by those third party vendors, but also without requiring the IT overhead of dedicated servers, assistance with things like load file compatibility, and delays executing on basic litigation tasks like bates numbering a set of documents.

User interface is very friendly and intuitive. Quick processing times for documents. Easy download of identified documents. Intuitive tagging. Fast and helpful customer service. No easy “undo” option if bulk documents culled or tagged incorrectly. Would like a function to see, for example, a users last 10 tasks and have the ability to undo if needed. But, customer support has been great for helping us the one or two times we’ve needed to fix something. Nothing else on the “dislike” list - it’s a great product.Try it - you will be shocked how much more efficient it is than the two or three standard doc review systems that most law firms have been using for years.

Seamless design, very efficient software. Great to use! Fantastic customer service!

Stephanie Chalhoub
William James

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Entirely cloud-based. Flexible and always improving. Good search and tagging functionality.Some of the functionality could be improved — more intelligent searches, more sophisticated de-duping, faster workflow on tagging.This has emerged as the best document management solution for us as a non-profit, due to combination of cost and functionality.We are a public interest law firm using Logikcull to review outgoing and incoming document productions, redact privileged documents, and generate document productions.

Their upload and culling is fast and easy. The software makes the data very malleable. Logikcull reacts to the needs of the market and the needs of its users. As a Florida Bar Board Certified expert in business litigation, I routinely deal with electronic discovery issues in lawsuits. I turn to Logikcull to assist me in handling those efficiently and effectively. Logikcull has allowed my practice to offer a superior service in representing businesses and business people at a more competitive price as it makes handling of data more efficient.

David Steinfeld

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I have been keeping an eye on the development of Logikcull since its infancy. The development team has done a superb job over the years of responding in full force to customer needs and wishes. I currently work primarily with small to mid-size firms who have to do eDiscovery just like everyone else involved in litigation, but who do not often have the resources (human, technologies, etc.) that many large firms and organizations have. Logikcull so often fulfills those needs in an easy to use, effective, defensible manner. The reporting features are fantastic. Best of all? Hard to say, but predictable pricing is nearly non-existent with most other market offerings, so that is a huge bonus! Great work team - keep it up!

Sherry Harris
Consultant Sherry B. Harris

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You will need some time to learn the software, but the staffs are very helpful! It’s a user friendly program, very easy to navigate between documents and easy to make comments or marks.


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Logikcull is a great first-look tool for the small, cost conscious cases / clients. Emails and documents can be imported very quickly. It can be used for basic reviews and productions. Tags and fields can be created in seconds. The export tool is very helpful in that there are many templates already set up.

Bethanie Bexar
Vinson & Elkins, LLP

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Logikcull is a competitor to Concordance, Relativity, and other e-discovery platforms. It has the added feature that you don’t need to pay a vendor to load documents up into the database; which is great for saving money for your clients.

Erik Dykema
Upshaw PLLC

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Easy to use product from beginning to end. Ingest data quickly, assign users quickly, get users through data, quickly, get productions out the door quickly... The product works as promised & si fast, did I mention fast?Not so much a knock on the product, but just getting adjusted to a review model which doesn’t use a grid view or metadata sort.Just do it. You won’t regret it.Review documents quickly & within litigation budget

Once you figure it out, Logikcull is easy to use; a powerful tool for both review and production of documents in litigation. And if you can’t figure it out, don’t worry; the support staff is extremely helpful and responsive.

Frank Gulino
Attorney Berenzweig Leonard LLP

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I can’t say enough good things about Logikcull. Our old solution came with a 400-page user guide and required that we buy expensive equipment and hire a consultant to assist. Not only is Logikcull user-friendly, it has cut the time it takes to collect and review in half.

Katie Lynch
Legal Support Manager Veolia Support Services North America LLC

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This company is the most innovative in the field, and I have a feeling this only the tip of the iceberg. I am no longer spending countless hours wading through discovery. The time I’m saving makes clients happier with their bill and makes me happier by allowing me to focus on other parts of the practice. A 10,000 page document dump no longer means I have to shut down everything else to address it.

Lee Douglas C.

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Have been a Logikcull user for over a year now and love it. We’ve had great success with over a dozen cases run through Logikcull.

Tom Crowe
IT Director Turner Padget Graham and Laney

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The software is super simple to use. We have implemented several review teams with minimal training. There are some limitations with the program (things like inability to view CAD drawings and inability to highlight on the face of the viewer), but overall, the ease of use far outweighs the limitations. And the responsiveness of the support team is a big plus. Not only are they quick to respond when there are questions or issues, but they also are constantly seeking ideas for what to develop next.

Barbara Jones
Litigation Support Analyst McAngus Goudelock & Courie

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Logikcull is extremely user-friendly in all aspects of the product. Their team is also very good at quickly transforming customer feedback into new features. Support is top-notch.Page loads are sometimes slower than we would like.Logikcull’s processing, search, and review functions mean we are not paying for those services, even in large cases. Its simple interface means less time training, and higher adoption by users. The fact that it is cloud means we are not burdening our IT department with upgrades and maintenance.

Fred Smalkin, Jr.

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Logikcull excels at getting those who don’t have an established eDiscovery process up and running quickly. It’s not a hassle to get started (read: you don’t have to have 3 sit downs with your vendor first), and it’s easy to use. Most of my attorneys only needed a few minutes of explanation before they were off and running. The pricing is reasonable and predictable because there aren’t charges for every little thing.

Austen Bommarito
Director of IT Young Basile

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I first learned of Logikcull when I read something on-line from their CEO to the effect that electronic discovery was an enormous waste of time and money. I contacted them and said that I completely concurred. They asked if I would do a webpost interview on the subject, which I did. You can hear it here: I dislike nothing about.

Logikcull is an excellent product. Easy to use, functional, and great value. We have used it for several large document reviews and productions and are very pleased.

Samantha Everett
Attorney Newman Du Wors LLP

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