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Cull the noise & find the signal in three easy steps.


No more vendors. No more sales people.
No more delays.

Ever had to deal with a vendor? Then you know it’s a process that makes up in surprise fees and slow response time for what it lacks in speed and transparency. With Logikcull, just drag and drop or integrate directly to the source to kick off a matter and start intelligently organizing your data. Uploading automatically…

  • Indexes text and metadata to make all files searchable
  • Dedupes, OCRs, threads emails and tags for quality control 
  • Categorizes files by dozens of criteria to quickly cull the noise 
  • Flags important and potentially privileged documents
  • Identifies near-duplicates and docs with a high degree of similarity


Say goodbye to keyword searching and hello to fact filtering.

Other platforms make you sift for needles in the haystack with complex algorithms and bunk “AI.” Logikcull automatically categorizes and surfaces relevant data with user-friendly filters. So if you can shop on Amazon, you can find important documents fast. Logikcull empowers you to:

  • Remove irrelevant docs (spam, junk formats, etc) in one click
  • Filter email by sender, recipient, bcc address and more
  • Bulk redact terms, phrases or patterns, such as PII 
  • Transcribe audio/video files, making them fully searchable
  • Run complex searches across files with ease
  • Tag documents for relevance, privilege and custom issues 


Never miss a deadline again.

Creating and sharing doc productions can be a complete crapshoot. Is it formatted correctly? Does it have the right metadata? Will it get to the recipient on time? Who has access to it? With Logikcull, you can create a production or response in four simple steps, and share with 100% confidence. With Logikcull, you can:

  • Share docs in any format — natively, with metadata or images, or as a database
  • Apply Bates numbers automatically
  • Templatize productions for reuse
  • Securely share through ShareSafe, the Dropbox for discovery

Insanely fast, completely vendor-free discovery is just seconds away.