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Robert Hilson is a Senior Director of Marketing at Logikcull. Prior to joining Logikcull, Robert worked as a journalist and served as executive director of the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists. You can reach him at

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Posts by Robert Hilson

March 8, 2017

Data cycle

Protecting Data in the Age of Cybercrime: CLE Webinar Now Available

February 28, 2017


How Law Firms Can Recoup the Costs of Subscription Services

February 24, 2017

Security Camera

Weighing civil liberties vs. public safety in the fight for free information

February 20, 2017


Logikcull-ACEDS March 23 CLE in Washington, DC: Register Now

February 17, 2017

Keyblock on top of computer

Wordpress hacks expose law firms' cyber-disconnect - and, perhaps, client data

February 14, 2017

Muckrock 3

Full-Court Press: An Interview with MuckRock Founder Michael Morisy

February 10, 2017


7 Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer About Data Security

February 8, 2017

Data cycle

Why the archaic process of eDiscovery is vulnerable to hacking and data breach