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Robert Hilson is a Senior Director of Marketing at Logikcull. Prior to joining Logikcull, Robert worked as a journalist and served as executive director of the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists. You can reach him at

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January 10, 2017


New York City partners with Logikcull amid loudening calls for tighter security

December 6, 2016

At the corner of Ethics St and Law Way- street signs

How to Ethically Bill eDiscovery Costs Back to Your Client

November 29, 2016


eBook: 10 Ways to Get Sanctioned in Modern Litigation

November 16, 2016

Leo gif 3

Don't be that guy whose case gets tossed for waiting on his vendor

November 4, 2016


The Clinton Email Investigation: Where We Stand with 72 hours to D-Day

October 24, 2016


Just because you're using technology doesn't mean you're using good technology

October 21, 2016


The five essential elements of a CYA cyber liability policy

October 6, 2016


Is your processing tool leading you down the road to malpractice?