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June 12, 2019

Kicking Down Doors

Learn How to Overcome Client Pushback & Recoup Discovery Costs

June 5, 2019

Document Search

[Video] How to Search a FOIA Document Dump—And Hold the Government Accountable at the Same Time

June 4, 2019

Check Lists

How In-House Teams Are Holding Law Firms Accountable on Diversity and Inclusion

May 30, 2019

Cloud2 4

What Drives Discovery Pricing? Andy Wilson and Kyle Povar Discuss Aligning Pricing With Market and Mission

May 22, 2019


Where Do In-House Counsel Most Struggle With Their Outside Law Firms?

May 16, 2019


Case Study: Slack Data Wins the Case

May 14, 2019

Social Media

4 Tips for Collecting and Preserving Social Media Evidence

May 9, 2019


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