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Articles on eDiscovery Education

Whether you’re new to eDiscovery or you’ve been handling the discovery process since it was all done in paper, there’s always an opportunity to learn new skills or expand the ones you already have. That’s why thousands of legal professionals, novices and pros alike, look to the Logikcull Blog for articles on new laws and case law, industry reports and surveys, case studies and interviews. Check out our latest below.

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Our latest eDiscovery education articles:

February 28, 2018

Flag of Virginia

Virginia Likely to Make Discovery Sanctions Easier, Reject FRCP Approach

February 21, 2018


Webinar: Discovery Billing, Are You Doing It Right?

January 23, 2018

Creative Desktop

Now Available: Webinar on Employment Law and eDiscovery

January 17, 2018

Washington 1

Court Imposes Sanctions for Boilerplate Discovery Objections

January 11, 2018


How to Be a Change Agent in Your Law Firm

December 19, 2017

Library with lights

How to Craft an Effective ESI Agreement

December 14, 2017


CullCast #11 - Changing Lives With Keith Wattley & UnCommon Law

December 7, 2017


Now Available: 2017 Case Law Review Webinar