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Articles on Technology Trends

June 5, 2019

Document Search

[Video] How to Search a FOIA Document Dump—And Hold the Government Accountable at the Same Time

May 14, 2019

Social Media

4 Tips for Collecting and Preserving Social Media Evidence

April 30, 2019


Robert Ambrogi and Andy Wilson Discuss the Future of Law—and the History of Logikcull

March 27, 2019


More Trends Reshaping Corporate Legal Departments: Growing Expertise Leads to Greater Insourcing

March 19, 2019

San Francisco Skyline

Trends Reshaping In-House Legal Departments: Changing Relationships with OC and the Growth of a Millennial Workforce

January 30, 2019

2019 New Year

12 Resolutions for the Legal Industry, From Legal Experts

October 17, 2018

New Orleans

What We Learned at the Clio Cloud Conference

July 12, 2018


BigLaw Partner Exodus Highlights Changing Nature of Legal Practice