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2020 Corporate In-Housing Survey

Logikcull’s 2020 Corporate In-Housing Survey gathers data from more than 40 corporate legal professionals and organizations, whose businesses represent a combined 2 million employees and one trillion dollars in annual revenue.

As their candid responses show, corporate in-housing is increasingly changing the way that discovery and litigation are handled today.

Download your copy to access benchmarking data.


  • The typical in-house litigation docket
  • The most effective cost control measures
  • Managing outside counsel discovery costs
  • The greatest barriers to in-housing
  • And much more!
Cover of the Corporate In-Housing Survey
This shift towards in-housing is a transition that, for many, is very much incomplete and, often, in its early stages. Still, it’s clear that the stature of in-house legal is increasing both relative to other departments and, more so, to outside law firms. The traditional approach is very much in flux, as evidenced by these results.

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