Looking for an alternative to Concordance?

Why use a Blackberry in an iPhone world?

Concordance was once a popular choice among legal teams that wanted to automate some parts of their eDiscovery process. But today, modern legal teams are moving from traditional, expensive, on-premised discovery software to the cloud, with solutions that are extremely fast, affordable, and intuitive.

Logikcull is the best example of such a tool. Here’s how Concordance and Logikcull compare.

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User Rating
Ease of Use
Hard to navigate
Ranked #1 for ease of use
Unexpected line items
100% predictable
Key Features
On-premise eDiscovery
Culling Intelligence, advanced filtering, 100% DIY
Ideal for
Teams with limited access to cloud services
High-velocity, day-to-day discovery

How Logikcull & Concordance compare

Concordance eliminates some complexity from the reviewing process by OCRing image files and providing search and case file organization capabilities. It offers processing services at an additional rate.
Logikcull is built for the entire EDRM. Streamline your data collection, processing, and review with drag and drop capabilities, Culling Intelligence, and advanced review functionality.
Getting Started
Several online training courses and certifications available a few times a year, starting at $800. Requires on-premise infrastructure and significant resources to support it.
You can start a project from anywhere, anytime, in seconds. Take advantage of free onboarding and training, with 24/7 in-app support included.
Cost Predictability
Although data storage and user licenses are unlimited, Concordance’s pricing includes multiple add-on services such as IT support and management, software updates, IT security, etc.
Logikcull’s per-matter pricing is 100% predictable and transparent. No hosting fees, no per-user user fees, and no support fees.
Concordance adds significant updates to its software every 5 years or more.
Logikcull is constantly releasing new features and functionality to meet customer needs. It makes your eDiscovery process more efficient every day.

Culling Intelligence: Powerful, Simple, Predictable

Powerfully simple software to do more with less.

Traditional on-premise software like Concordance can help you review data in-house, but may add extra complications to the eDiscovery process. Unfriendly interfaces, steep learning curves, and lack of important features can all eat into productivity—and drive up client costs. Pricing can be as unpredictable as the software itself, with unexpected add-ons for simple services such as support and maintenance.

Logikcull, in contrast, allows law firms and corporate legal teams to handle data processing, search, review, and productions in a single platform that is fast, powerful, secure, and intuitive. With Logikcull, any user can begin a project and start reviewing in minutes—all at a fraction of the cost of other tools.

Logikcull’s robust functionality and ease of use are two reasons why it’s the #1-ranked eDiscovery software.

Why Logikcull is ranked #1

With over 575 verified, third-party reviews, Logikcull is the highest-ranked eDiscovery software by legal professionals like you, beating Concordance in every category. Here are a few reasons why.

Full eDiscovery Functionality

Logikcull allows you to process, search, review, and produce—all in a single platform with high speed, ease of use, and robust functionality.

Ease of Use

Logikcull’s powerfully simple software leads to quick implementation and adoption. Kick the learning curve to the curb!

Cost Recovery

Win billable hours back from vendors and pass-through fees with simple, per-matter pricing. With Logikcull, reducing your eDiscovery spend and recouping your investment is simple and straightforward.

Instant Insight

Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence helps you dig into your documents faster, so you get a clear picture of the evidence.

24/7 Support

Do it yourself, but don’t do it alone. Logikcull’s support team is always available and responds in under 2 minutes—at no additional cost.

Predictable Pricing

No IT fees, no support fees, no hidden costs—and no BS. Cost predictability and control are simple with Logikcull’s per-matter pricing.

Getting started is fast and free

Start a discovery project, in seconds from anywhere.