Looking for an alternative to eDiscovery Point?

Thomson Reuters is discontinuing its review tool. What’s next?

By June 2022, eDiscovery Point will be a tool of the past. Thompson Reuters announced in July 2021 that it would retire its eDiscovery review software in less than a year, leaving most of its users deeply concerned about the transition. 
If you’re looking for a replacement that’s vendor-free, easy to use, and cost-effective, then you might want to consider Logikcull. The best part? Logikcull is offering free migration services to all eDiscovery Point users. 
Here’s how Logikcull and eDiscovery Point compare:

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eDiscovery Point
Overall Costs
Ease of Use
100% DIY. Rated #1 for ease of use
Customer Support
Via phone or email (phasing out in 2022)
24/7 availability through in-app chat
Can be slow and confusing
Fast. Start reviewing in minutes
Ideal for
Legal teams that need to pair their software with a service provider
Legal teams that can handle their day-to-day eDiscovery tasks

How Logikcull & eDiscovery Point compare

Getting Started
eDiscovery Point offers extensive training and certifications, but it’s not possible to start using the software on your own.
Designed for both novices and experts, starting a new eDiscovery project in Logikcull takes seconds, with no third-party assistance required.
Ease of Use
eDiscovery Point may be confusing for most users without the help of their specialized support team. Some features like searching and productions can be especially unintuitive.
Logikcull is powerfully simple and intuitive. Just drag and drop your data, get 3,000 processing steps automatically done for you, and start reviewing in minutes.
Although you only pay for reviewed documents, eDiscovery Point can get really expensive as your caseload grows since they charge hosting fees starting at $8/Gb and $130 per Gb processed.
100% predictable, transparent, per-matter pricing with no hosting fees or line items.
Produced documents can’t be previewed and there are no sharing options with opposing parties. Productions need to be downloaded or printed for review.
In Logikcull, creating a production is as easy as clicking “download” or “share,” which allows you to share your docs through a secure, access-restricted link with a built-in audit trail.

Why Logikcull is the best replacement for eDiscovery Point

eDiscovery Point’s best features taken to the next level. And many more.

Until Thomson Reuters announced the tool’s discontinuation, eDiscovery Point had been a decent solution for legal teams who wanted to have increased control over their discovery process and cost. After extensive training, users could actually use itl largely on their own, and they only paid for those documents that qualify for revision. However, with eDiscovery Point disappearing in less than a year, its users need a solution that matches their current eDiscovery process. 

Logikcull actually takes eDiscovery Point’s approach to eDiscovery to a whole new level.

With Logikcull’s simplicity and intuitive design, you are empowered to manage your entire eDiscovery process with no assistance from third parties. Handle legal holds, automatic processing, searching, review, and productions—all in a single platform that is affordable, secure, and easy to use. 
Logikcull's ease of use, powerful features, and predictable pricing are why it's the #1-ranked eDiscovery software.

Logikcull is the
#1 eDiscovery software

With over 575 verified, third-party reviews, Logikcull is the highest-ranked eDiscovery software by legal professionals like you, beating Nextpoint in every category. Here are a few reasons why.

Ease of Use

Logikcull’s powerfully simple software makes it the ideal solution for all your eDiscovery needs. Start a project from anywhere, anytime, and in seconds—no external assistance required.

Full eDiscovery Functionality

Logikcull allows you to easily manage your discovery project from start to finish, without 0 third-party assistance and 0 headaches.

24/7 Support

Do it yourself, but don’t do it alone. Logikcull’s support team is always available and responds in under 2 minutes—at no additional cost.


Sign in and go. Browser-based access, unlimited seats, and automated processing and productions ensure you’re never waiting.

100% Predictable and Affordable Pricing

Per-matter pricing allows you to know exactly how much you will pay at the end of every month. No add-ons or separate costs for training, additional features, or services.

Training and Onboarding

Logikcull’s superior Customer Success team will get you up to speed and show you how you can make the most out of the software. Plus, there are tons of online free training resources available.

Getting started is fast and free

Start a discovery project, in seconds from anywhere.