Looking for an alternative to Lexbe?

Want to use eDiscovery software that’s affordable, easy to use, and headache-free? 

With Logikcull, eDiscovery is easy and transparent: no hosting fees and no hidden costs, but all the powerfully simple features you need. If you’re looking for a cloud-based, self-serve discovery solution for your next project, check out how Lexbe and Logikcull compare.

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User Satisfaction
Users report frequent bugs
Ease of Use
Drag-and-drop easy
Limited due to hosting fees
Scale as your caseload requires
Ideal for
Boutique law firms with small data sets
Firms & in-house teams with matters of all sizes

How Logikcull & Lexbe compare

Lexbe offers a variety of pricing plans based on the amount of data hosted. Services like custom training, data ingestion, production assistance, or phone support are billed separately.
100% predictable and transparent, per-matter pricing with no hosting fees and no line-item charges. Live support is available 24/7 at no additional cost.
Ease of Use
Lexbe’s self-service capabilities are praised by many users. However, its interface can be frustrating and users report difficult and slow productions.
Logikcull is powerfully simple and intuitive. Just drag and drop your data to automatically organize it, and start reviewing in minutes.
Lexbe doesn’t offer integrations with ESI data sources.
With cloud-to-cloud integrations with Slack, Box, Google Vault, Microsoft 365, and more, your data is always at your fingertips.
TAR and predictive coding functionality available for the cases that require them.
Culling Intelligence allows you to filter documents, tag files, and redact information quickly—in a platform that is easy to use.

Simple, Powerful, Vendor-Free Discovery

Speed, power, simplicity. The perfect fit for all matters.

Lexbe offers a decent eDiscovery solution for smaller data sets. Their team of experts is well equipped to assist you with uploads, data processing, analytics, and productions. However, if you’re looking for a truly DIY and affordable solution that can adapt to your changing needs and caseloads, Lexbe doesn’t make the cut.

Logikcull’s self-service eDiscovery software empowers you to handle data processing, search, review, and productions—all in a single platform that is fast, secure, and intuitive. Plus, Logikcull grows with you. 100% predictable, per-matter pricing with no hosting fees ensure you can scale up as your caseload grows.

Logikcull's ease of use, reliability and transparent pricing are why it's the #1-ranked eDiscovery software.

Why Logikcull is ranked

With over 575 verified, third-party reviews, Logikcull is the highest-ranked eDiscovery software by legal professionals like you, beating Lexbe in every category. Here are a few reasons why.

Ease of Use

Logikcull’s powerfully simple software makes it an ideal solution for all your matters. Start a project from anywhere, anytime, and in seconds—no external assistance required.


Logikcull is trusted by 1,500+ users in more than 37 countries. Rated #1 in customer satisfaction, Logikcull is constantly improving and adding new features to meet customer needs.

100% Predictable Pricing

No hosting fees, no support fees, no tasks billed separately. Cost transparency and control are simple with Logikcull’s per-matter pricing.

24/7 Support

Do it yourself, but don’t do it alone. Logikcull’s support team is always available and responds in under 2 minutes—at no additional cost.


Unlimited users and projects with no hosting fees mean you can scale up and down as your caseload requires.

Take Full Control

Logikcull allows you to easily manage your discovery project from start to finish, with zero third-party assistance and zero headaches.

Getting started is fast and free

Start a discovery project, in seconds from anywhere.