Looking for an alternative to Everlaw?

Say goodbye to eDiscovery software so expensive you can never use it.

‍Logikcull brings affordability and price predictability to eDiscovery—with software that's powerful, simple, and intuitive. If you’re looking for discovery software that your team will love and clients won't object to, check out how Everlaw and Logikcull compare.

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Overall Costs
Time to Review
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Ease of Use
Rated #1
Key Features
Culling Intelligence
Ideal for
Large cases requiring AI—and with the budget to support it
High-velocity, day-to-day discovery

How Logikcull & Everlaw compare

Everlaw's hosting costs can make it prohibitive for most matters.
Logikcull's flat-rate, per-matter pricing eliminates client objections and allows you to use powerful software on all your matters.
Ease of Use
Everlaw has high ratings for ease of use—but only after you get through a steep learning curve.
Logikcull is designed to be simple and powerful. Its intuitive interface and culling filters let you quickly find the data that matters.
$600 per-project minimums, $30/GB monthly hosting fees, $140/hr project management and $140/hr for tasks like load file assistance and splitting PDFs.
Priced with predictability and sustainability in mind. 100% transparent, with no minimums, no hosting fees, and no add-ons.
TAR and predictive coding for the cases that need them.
Simple, powerful Culling Intelligence helps you filter documents, tag files, and redact information quickly—in a platform that is easy to use.
Everlaw's cost-prohibitive pricing means it often goes unused. As one Everlaw review notes, "once we explain the costs of using Everlaw, many clients prefer we do not use the software."
With over 12,000 active matters a month, more than 38,000 active users, and terabytes of data stored, Logikcull is the go-to discovery solution for thousands of legal professionals.

Simple, Powerful, Vendor-Free Discovery


Powerful software your teams—and clients—love.
Thousands of legal professionals trust Logikcull for discovery projects large and small. While Everlaw may be designed—and priced—for the largest projects, Logikcull empowers you to bring cutting-edge technology to all your matters.

Logikcull is a tool you can use for every matter. Designed for speed, power, and simplicity, Logikcull allows you to start projects in minutes and access them from anywhere, at any time. Its intuitive design requires no advanced training or costly project management. Its predictable, per-matter pricing allows you to avoid unsustainable hosting fees and reduce write-offs—transforming your discovery process into a revenue center, not a costly nightmare.

Logikcull's speed, ease of use, and predictable pricing are why it's the #1-ranked eDiscovery software and why Logikcull beats Everlaw in every category in an independent, head-to-head comparison.

Looking for an alternative to Everlaw?

Why Logikcull is ranked #1

With over 575 verified, third-party reviews, Logikcull is the highest-ranked eDiscovery software by legal professionals like you. Here are a few reasons why.

Ease of Use

Kick the learning curve to the curb. Logikcull's ease of use makes it an ideal solution for your discovery and document review.


Sign in and go. Browser-based access, unlimited seats, and automated processing and productions ensure you’re never waiting.

Cost Recovery

Win billable hours back from vendors and pass through fees with simple, per-matter pricing. With Logikcull, reducing your eDiscovery spend and recouping your investment is simple and straightforward.

Empower Your Teams

Equip your lawyers and litigation support teams with simple, powerful discovery software they—and your clients—will love.

100% Predictable Pricing

No hosting fees, no user fees, no support fees—and no BS. Cost predictability and control is simple with Logikcull’s per-matter pricing.

Take Control

Raise realization rates by uncapping licenses, minimizing training, and terminating technical bottlenecks.

Getting started is fast and free

Start a discovery project, in seconds from anywhere.