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eDiscovery for Corporate Legal Teams

Investigations made simple

Take control of the discovery process. Complete internal investigations with unprecedented speed. Eliminate delays and security risks. For enterprise users, Logikcull’s Instant Discovery platform makes mitigating risk, reducing cost, and taking control off your legal process simple.

In-house eDiscovery Made Simple

Litigation is risky and the eDiscovery process is often perilous. Outrageous costs, embarrassing data breaches, and painfully slow workflows are common—and all too often enterprise clients are left entirely at the mercy of outside counsel.

Logikcull for Enterprise is different. Logikcull allows businesses to manage their data internally, partnering with outside counsel to bring radical efficiency to the discovery and investigation process. Simply collect your data, quickly cull out the irrelevant documents, and invite in your outside legal teams, allowing you to reduce costs, maintain control over your data, and gain visibility into all of your matters.

Eliminate Downtime

  • <1 min average time to create a project
  • <1 min average time to add a user
  • 35 mins average time from project creation to review
  • 22 mins average time to complete a production
  • 60x faster than vendors

eDiscovery can be a mess. Your legal team initiates a legal hold. IT collects data. You ship it out to a vendor for processing, to counsel for review, on a third-party platform that you don’t control but which you’re stuck paying for. Keeping track of who is doing what, when they’re doing it, and where your most sensitive business data is—that can become a fulltime job in itself.

Bringing discovery in-house lets you get rid of the mess and take control of your process. When a new matter arises, Logikcull allows you to start a new project in minutes, rather than waiting days. Upload data with drag-and-drop ease and let Logikcull automatically take care of more than 3,000 processing steps, from OCR to deduplication—so that you can quickly assess your case. Perform initial culling and ECA in-house, before bringing in outside partners, and track your progress through sophisticated reporting to ensure everything stays on track.

That’s the goal of Logikcull: to strip away overly complex processes; to remove the need for downtime, slow processing, and expert services; to create an interface that makes finding, organizing, and reviewing documents incredibly easy; and to empower you to bring powerful simplicity to your discovery process.

Increase Data Security

Stop shipping your most sensitive data out to vendors and law firms. Keep your information secure in Logikcull’s closed-loop system. When you upload data to Logikcull, it’s encrypted, instantly, scanned for viruses, and stored safely in our virtual private cloud.

Granular user permissions let you keep control over who has access to your data, from internal legal teams to outside counsel. When you’re ready to produce documents, ShareSafe helps your data get to its destination safely, through a secured download link, where permissions-based access is granted temporarily before automatically expiring.

Logikcull removes much of the risk inherent in the discovery process. That’s why thousands of users trust Logikcull with their most sensitive information.


Increase In-house Legal Cost Savings

Corporate legal teams are under constant pressure to do more with less. Thankfully, in-house legal teams are better positioned than ever to meet that challenge. With powerfully simple technology, in-house teams can quickly eliminate major cost centers and bring predictability and cost control to their legal processes—even processes as unpredictable as litigation.

Through a combination of reduced software and vendor costs plus in-house data culling, a typical legal team can achieve dramatic cost savings—often of six-figures or more per matter.

Stop paying third-party vendors for data processing. Just drag and drop your data—Logikcull will automatically process it for review, running it through over 3,000 automated steps, from virus-scanning to OCRing, to text indexing and identifying potential privilege.

Stop sending junk data to outside counsel. In a typical matter, 43% of data will be duplicative. And if you send everything to outside counsel or vendors, that means you’re paying twice for the same data. In Logikcull, your data is automatically deduped, meaning you’ll never have to look at the same document twice.

Stop paying large markups for work you can handle easily. Logikcull makes culling your data simple. If you can run a keyword search, narrow by date range, or filter by custodians, you can significantly reduce the amount of data requiring review. Corporate legal teams can perform straightforward early case assessment in-house, then invite in outside counsel to complete their review of an already narrowed data set—saving thousands of dollars in review cost per matter.

Never get surprised by an invoice. With Logikcull, there are no unexpected line-items, no massive, per-GB hosting fees. Just a simple per-matter rate that won’t take you by surprise.

By eliminating vendor processing fees, reducing data requiring outside counsel review, and ending per-GB hosting fees, in-house legal teams can realize dramatic, six-figure savings in typical matters. When you reduce software spend and cut down the data requiring review, the savings can be enormous, and almost instantly. See the breakdown below.


Improving Legal Outcomes

When a new matter arises, don’t spend days or weeks waiting on third-party vendors or outside counsel. With Logikcull, you can begin analyzing the facts of a matter without delay. When a new litigation matter or internal investigation is triggered, investigators can quickly collect data and begin reviewing it in minutes, culling irrelevant information, creating powerful searches, and reducing the time required for, and invasiveness of, review—so you can make determinations quickly.

If a bit of investigation and ECA can deliver facts and leverage, settlements can be reduced or avoided entirely. In a recent survey of corporate legal departments, 82% said their settlement decisions were informed by discovery costs at least some of the time. 22% of in-house teams said they frequently adjusted litigation strategy due to discovery costs.

When you reduce the cost of discovery, you can improve your litigation posture. Through in-housing eDiscovery with Logikcull, you can not only improve the outcomes of specific matters but, by reducing costs and thus the pressure to settle meritless claims, you can improve outcomes across your docket.

Corporate Law Software Solutions

Whether you have a sizable in-house litigation team or rely primarily on outside counsel, Logikcull allows you to bring simplicity, predictability, and security to your discovery process.

Innovate With Simplicity Logikcullccbj 1
Corporate legal teams are innovating with simplicity Read how here

Get a first-mover’s advantage. When litigation arises, dive into your data quickly, and plan your response appropriately.

Respond to subpoenas with ease. Facing a third-party subpoena? Logikcull makes responding as easy as upload, search, download.

Control your information. Keep your sensitive documents secure in an encrypted, closed-loop system.

Control your costs. Avoid the runaway fees associated with third-party vendors and outside counsel, while benefiting from predictable pricing and powerful technology.

Mitigate human error. Powerfully simple software reduces the risk of human error, meaning your legal teams are empowered, not befuddled, by their discovery technology.

Find what matters. With Logikcull, you can gain unprecedented insight, whether diving into your data or managing your legal process.

Logikcull for Internal Investigations

When an investigation is triggered, respond quickly and confidently with Logikcull. When an investigation is launched, investigators can quickly collect data and begin reviewing it in minutes, culling irrelevant information, creating powerful searches, and reducing the time required for, and invasiveness of, review—so you can make determinations quickly.

Compliance and investigations are serious, but the transition to simple, streamlined investigations software doesn’t have to be difficult. In one case study, for example, a large employer with 14 offices and more than 3,000 employees was able to institute a 90-percent-automated process in under 45 days.

Logikcull For Investigations Compliance 1
From manual to fully automated internal investigations in under 30 days Read the case study

Respond instantly. Spin up a project in under a minute and start reviewing data almost immediately. Apply sophisticated filters and culling technology so that, no matter the size of your data, you can quickly find what matters.

Process data automatically. Upload documents for review from anywhere, at any time. Then let Logikcull apply 3,000+ automated processing steps, so that you can dive into your data.

Keep it confidential. Logikcull allows you to review incredibly sensitive information securely and unobtrusively, preserving confidentiality, reducing disruption, and eliminating many of the burdens involved in conducting an investigation.

See the whole picture. Today, data is everywhere, from text messages to Slack chats—and it’s all discoverable. Logikcull let’s you handle it all, so you can get a comprehensive view of the facts.

Reduce spend. Empower your internal teams with powerfully simple investigation technology so that you can reduce risk, respond quickly, and stop spending money on outside vendors and experts.

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