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Simple Client Bill Back with Logikcull

How to properly bill back to the client

With the rise of subscription and flat-fee pricing, the risk of incurring unpredictable costs from vendor services is no more. Logikcull's pay-as-you-go model makes passing costs through to your clients easy. Simply assess a monthly per-gigabyte fee and multiply by the amount of active storage.

If you are on a subscription plan, consider the following:

1. Number of matters your firm expects to handle this year
2. The total yearly cost of your subscription

Based on these determinations, assign a reasonable per-matter ediscovery fee for each matter in Logikcull, and clearly communicate those fees to clients.

Note: It is important to specify that the invoice provided here is not payable to, but represents a pass through of costs incurred by your firm.

For more guidance on how to appropriately charge clients for eDiscovery services, read our post "How to Ethically Bill eDiscovery Costs Back to Your Client."

Create your own Logikcull invoice

Generate a simple invoice to pass through costs to your clients. Assign a rate and add the description "Logikcull - End-to-End eDiscovery, Processing, and Productions."

Consider billing back:

Per gigabyte
Per matter

*We recommend installing Adobe Acrobat Reader for best results.

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