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eDiscovery FAQ

How does OCR work?

What is OCR software?

How long does the OCR process take?

How do I upload new data to an eDiscovery project?

Logikcull production upload requirements.

How do I upload productions?

How do I import Slack data into Logikcull?

How to import and view emails from Outlook (PST file) or Gmail (MBOX file).

What is an email thread?

What kind of files can be uploaded to Logikcull?

What is data culling? | eDiscovery Search Basics

How to redact information in a PDF.

How do I Bates stamp?

Privilege log best practices

How can I create a privilege log or download a CSV report of my search results?

How to conduct advanced eDiscovery searches.

What are the options when creating a download or production?

How can I add a new user in Logikcull?

How to create a download or production.