What is data culling?

Data culling identifies documents based on certain criteria, like keywords or date ranges, that will be set apart from document review. Culling a document will hide from the user’s view and prevent is from being returned in searches. Culling a document doesn’t delete it, your document is simply sequestered in a “Culled” collection that you can access again if needed. The three processes to cull data are the following:

  • DeNisting: The process of removing files that hold no evidentiary value such as system files,
  • Deduplication: De-dupe or deduplication is the removal or suppression of copies of identical documents in a project. Once data is uploaded to Logikcull there are three options access duplicate files which are located at the top right above your search carousel:
  • Global (across all custodians)
  • Custodian (within data of a single custodian)
  • No De-dupe (all duplicates visible)
  • Search terms: Use advanced search to find documents relevant to your investigation and maximizing the number of potentially responsive files.


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