Make Your Process More Defensible

Minimize risks during your discovery process by getting access to all the evidence available — no matter in which format it comes.

Don’t Miss Any Detail 

Ensure that 100% of the files in your project are rendered and available for search and review during your discovery process.

Get Ahead of The Game

Knock out your opponents by getting the key to a host of information they probably won’t have access to.

Shed Light on Dark Data

A fair percentage of your data contains snippets of text that are not recognizable by any OCR technology. Deep Text Recognition fills that gap for you.

Search Through 100% of Your Data

By rendering any images embedded into your documents, you get direct access to the entirety of your data. When you conduct a search, it will hit every single relevant result.

Apply Redactions, Tags, and More

By rendering text snippets hidden on image files, you can perform all common review actions on it like applying redactions, highlighting it, and comparing it with text in similar files.

Learn about other Logikcull features


Slack API

Collect relevant chat conversations directly from the source and start reviewing immediately.



A big portion of discoverable data is just versions of the same documents. With SimDocs, you can speed up your review by instantly identifying near-duplicate documents and seeing all the differences between them.


A/V Transcription

Get automatic transcriptions of your audiovisual data and review them like any other document. VoiceTouch takes it one step further by instantly jumping to the most crucial parts of your recordings.

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