Collaborate in real time 

Share important insights about your documents with your team and let them know immediately.

Focus on what matters

Highlight any important aspect anywhere in your documents and don’t miss a single relevant detail. 

Save Time with Pin-Drop Ease

Can you place a pin on Google Maps? That’s exactly how annotations work—just click on the right location and start typing. 

Document Text—or Anything Else

There’s literally no place in a document where you can’t drop a note. Just select the words or the specific point of the document you want to highlight, and instantly drop a pin with your comment. 

Quickly Find Your Notes 

What’s the point of creating a note you’ll never find again? When you create an annotation in Logikcull, it becomes searchable so you can navigate back to it with the click of a button.

Share Insights Instantly

When you find something valuable in your documents, you want your team to know about it. Each annotation comes with a shareable link you can drop anywhere your team is. 

We lived a TV moment in a recent trial when we were able to confront a witness with a big lie we were able to find thanks to the SimDocs technology."
Renee Bea

Attorney, Slarskey LLC

My company decided to work with Logikcull because we were looking for a simple solution for us to be able to work on small in-house matters, things that might not ultimately end up in litigation or things where we needed to do a preliminary investigation just to get our arms around the facts.”
Tammy Thompson

Director, Litigation Services,  Worley

Learn about other Logikcull features


Slack API

Collect relevant chat conversations directly from the source and start reviewing immediately.


Chat Filters

What if the smoking gun is just an eye-rolling emoji? No problem. Get to the signal of chat data fast, no matter where it hides.


A/V Transcription

Get automatic transcriptions of your audiovisual data and review them like any other document. VoiceTouch takes it one step further by instantly jumping to the most crucial parts of your recordings.

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