Kick Manual Redactions to the Curb

Using Adobe, your Notepad, or (god forbid) paper methods to redact your documents? Leave those dark days behind by applying redactions to your entire project with just a click.

Don’t Compromise Sensitive Data

Get 100% of the files in your project rendered, and apply redactions in bulk to any sensitive elements such as email IDs, specific worlds or phrases, etc.

See Your Redaction Activity

Before applying project-wide redactions, you can see at a glance how many documents will be affected by the redactions. After applying them, all those documents will be tagged as “Has Redactions.”

Redact Exactly What You Need

Global redactions allow you to apply redactions in bulk to all the documents in your project — or to just a subset of them.

Apply Every Redaction, Everywhere — All At Once

Global redactions go beyond redacting a word or expression throughout your entire project. They also allow you to select as many items as you need and apply redactions to all of them in the same step.

See Redactions at a Glance

Get a preview of how many instances will be affected by your redactions and make any necessary adjustments on the fly.

Protect PII

Logikcull helps guard your clients’ privacy by automatically tagging potential PII throughout your project, allowing you to easily redact all sensitive information.

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Slack API

Collect relevant chat conversations directly from the source and start reviewing immediately.



A big portion of discoverable data is just versions of the same documents. With SimDocs, you can speed up your review by instantly identifying near-duplicate documents and seeing all the differences between them.


A/V Transcription

Get automatic transcriptions of your audiovisual data and review them like any other document. VoiceTouch takes it one step further by instantly jumping to the most crucial parts of your recordings.

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