October 8-9, 2020 | Everywhere

The Summit for In-House
Leaders who Get Stuff Done.

Today’s leaders bring simplicity to complexity, turn less into more, rethink old ways of working, and make tough calls. They GSD. This is a conference for them. For you.

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InHouse 2020 //
What to Expect

Two days of knowledge sharing, product workshops and peer-to-peer networking

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Logikcull’s InHouse summit is a one-of-a-kind, peer-led conference where like-minded leaders from organizations large and small come together to create powerfully simple solutions to common challenges through structured collaboration.

If you enjoy talking heads and case law, this isn't the event for you. InHouse delivers actionable knowledge that you can put to use in your job immediately. To maximize engagement, the event is structured in bite-sized sessions over two days: the first exclusively for in-house professionals and the second for Logikcull users from organizations of all types (law firms, government, non-profits and corporations).

InHouse gives you the opportunity to connect with the experts who are halving the cost of outside counsel, simplifying processes to stretch their dollars, and bringing control and predictability to discovery.

At InHouse, you'll learn firsthand how the associate general counsel for one of the largest healthcare companies in the United States operates its discovery center of excellence. You'll get the inside scoop on how the head of legal operations at a high-flying online real estate company is finding creative budget solutions amid quarantine cuts. You'll sit front-row as a head litigation technology at one of the largest insurance companies walks line-by-line through the ROI calculator that's showing big returns for his team's in-house approach.

Then, on day 2, you'll ride shotgun for Logikcull product reveals, workshops and training sessions. Best of all, you'll share your own challenges and successes as well. Because that’s the point of InHouse. Bringing leaders together to learn from each other.

Optimize Tech

Streamline workflows and optimize your tech stack to stretch your dollars and make more out of less.

Lower Spend

Bring cost predictability to the notoriously unpredictable business of disputes, investigations, and records response.

Control Data

Protect your most sensitive data amid a sharp rise in hacking, breaches and espionage.

Featured speakers

Learn with the foremost leaders in legaltech

Photo of Amy Sellars
Amy Sellars
Associate General Counsel
Cardinal Health
Photo of Farrah Pepper
Farrah Pepper
Chief Legal Innovation Counsel
Marsh & McLennan
Photo of Scott Wandstrat
Scott Wandstrat
Chief Litigation Officer
Kindred At Home
Photo of Jenita Gillespie
Jenita Gillespie
Director of Legal Operations
Bon Secours Mercy Health
Photo of Juanita Luna
Juanita Luna
Director of Legal Operations and Administration
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Photo of Robert Schlossman
Robert Schlossman
Chief Legal Officer
Photo of Julie Richer
Julie Richer
Legal Operations & eDiscovery Manager
American Electric Power
Photo of Ryan Black
Ryan Black
Head of Legal Operations
Photo of Ken Callander
Ken Callander
Managing Principal
Value Strategies
Photo of Lee Kirkpatrick
Lee Kirkpatrick
Former Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams
Director, Practice Support & Office Services
Vinson & Elkins
Photo of Hon. Kristen Mix
Hon. Kristen Mix
Magistrate Judge
US District Court, District of Colorado
Photo of Sonya Judkins, CEDS
Sonya Judkins, CEDS
Manager, Discovery & Compliance
Photo of Kyle Kelly
Kyle Kelly
Sr. eDiscovery Specialist
Photo of Stephanie Corey
Stephanie Corey
UpLevel Ops
Photo of Katie Lynch
Katie Lynch
Director of Legal Support
Veolia North America
Photo of Joel-Henry Mansfield
Joel-Henry Mansfield
Sr. Consultant, Litigation Technology
Photo of Mike Quartararo
Mike Quartararo
Photo of Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson
Director, Legal Operations and Litigation Support
Photo of Liz Victor
Liz Victor
Senior Paralegal
Williams Companies

We're rolling out the red carpet

We know virtual doesn't provide the same connection as in-person. But we'll do our best to deliver the "wow." From happy hour kits, to moderated Zoom networking to that Logikcull swag you've come to love, this will be online event to remember.

Join Your Peers

Actionable, peer-to-peer learning is at the core of the InHouse. Trade notes on high-level strategy or dig into the weeds with colleagues who are tackling the same problems you are. InHouse attendees come from organizations of all shapes and sizes, and are typically in legal, compliance and IT.

Sound like you? Request an invitation and join us for two days of insight, inspiration, peer-driven learning, and thinking boldly.


Connect with attorneys who are successfully bringing more legal work in house.


Collaborate with legal ops pros who are streamlining processing and finding dollars under couch cusions.

& IT

Learn from the tech professionals who are navigating data security and digital transformation.

Governance & Compliance

Hear from IG leaders who are wrangling with rapidly evolving privacy regulation.

Why InHouse?

Fortune 1000 organizations
Collaborative panels
Guided networking sessions
Hours of CLE


Two days of learning and networking: one exclusively for in-house professional and one for Logikcull users of all stripes. Attend both days or just the sessions that are best for you.

8:30-9 AM
Morning Networking and Meet-and-Greet Birds of a feather fly together!

Grab a cup of coffee (on us!) and kick off the day with a face-to-face conversation with like-minded professionals in your “birds of a feather” group. There are plenty to pick from whether it’s the “people, process, and technology” group, the “I remember building my first network server, for a local BBS ran out of my parent’s house in 1993” group, or the “dog lovers of eDiscovery” group.

Facilitated by your favorite Logikcull customer success reps

9-9:30 AM
Andy headshot square
How to GSD: Overcoming Inertia and Tearing Down Barriers to Change Logikcull CEO Andy Wilson reveals what's ahead for in-house changemakers

The biggest blocker to change isn’t budget. It’s not bandwidth or bureaucracy or even procurement. It’s simple inertia. Join Logikcull co-founder and CEO Andy Wilson as he kicks off InHouse with a look at how innovative in-house teams are getting around barriers to change—and the new tools that Logikcull is releasing to help them empower their teams, simplify their processes, and do more with less.

Led by Andy Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of Logikcull

9:30-10:30 AM
Lee Kirkpatrick
A CFO’s Perspective on Scaling, Building Consensus, and Doing More with Less A six-time CFO shares the keys for transforming legal

Long regarded as necessary cost centers tasked exclusively with risk mitigation, corporate legal departments are increasingly coming to the fore as essential business partners. But how do you strike the right balance between risk and growth? And how do you build consensus across functions to drive key business initiatives? Get an insider's perspective from a six-time CFO as he shares lessons for how functions typically considered blockers can transform from departments of no into critical advisors, and successfully manage budgets during times of both rapid growth and unexpected slowdown.

Led by Lee Kirkpatrick, former CFO at Twillio

9:30-10:30 AM
Ryan Black
No Budget, No Resources, No Problem: Legal Ops Leaders on How to Draw Blood from a Stone Innovative problem solving without additional spend

The mandate to “do more with less” is nothing new. But in this climate of belt-tightening, hiring pauses and budget freezes, it’s more difficult than ever to stretch your dollars, resources, and people. Not to worry. In this session, legal ops leaders share guidance for innovative problem solving that will set you up for success in the “new normal.” Topics include creative ways to find budget (including budget from other departments), how to effectively shed inessential resources, and striking the right balance between internal and external resource allocation.

Led by Ryan Black, Head of Legal Ops at Opendoor

10:30-11:30 AM
307786068 katie lynch
Workshop: Building an eDiscovery Playbook for Your Team and Partners Create a playbook to guide your discovery process

You’re taking ownership of the discovery process to rein in costs, tighten security and improve overall visibility. But outside firms are still essential partners, and the effectiveness of your process is only as strong as your ability to collaborate. In this session, leaders from Veolia North America, Vinson & Elkins, and Logikcull share how to build process documentation and discovery guidance—from initial planning through to final deliverables —to maximize performance and get the most out of the “inside/out” relationship.

Led by Katie Lynch, Director of Legal Support at Veolia North America

10:30-11:30 AM
Scott Wandstrat
Roundtable: Bringing Your Law Firm Experience to Bear on OC Management Leverage law firm experience to get maximum value from OC

For nearly 15 years before going in-house, Scott Wandstrat practiced as a partner at an AmLaw 200 firm. Today, as Chief Litigation Officer for Kindred at Home, he’s on the other side of the attorney-client relationship. Join Wandstrat and a roundtable of in-house leaders as they explore how to leverage law firm experience to get maximum value from outside counsel. Go beyond just OC guidelines with an insider’s view of how best to leverage your outside counsel relationships for optimal performance.

Led by Scott Wandstrat, Chief Litigation Officer at Kindred at Home

10:30-11:30 AM
Michael Quartararo
Breakout Discussion: Legal Operations with ACEDS Join the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists for an interactive roundtable on the future of legal ops

How are legal operations and support professionals tackling the most challenging issues facing their organizations? Join ACEDS for an interactive discussion, including face-to-face breakout rooms, on the issues at the forefront of legal ops and litigation support.

Led by Michael Quartararo, President of ACEDS

11:30-11:45 AM
Networking Break + Speaker Q&A Follow up with speakers and connect with your peers

Want to learn how your colleagues GSD? Have a burning question from one of the morning's sessions? Now's the time to share! Take a few minutes to network with your fellow speakers and attendees.

11:45-12:45 PM
Juanita luna
Elevating in a Crisis: How to Provide Leadership During Challenging Times Rising to the occasion in uncertain times

In 2020, we've all had to deal with crisis. How an organization responds, and how the legal function facilitates and enables to that response, can lead to significant changes. When done right, that means expanded influence and a greater appreciation of the value of legal throughout the organization.

Led by Juanita Luna, Director of Legal Operations and Administration at Pacific Gas and Electric

11:45-12:45 PM
Joel henry
Show Me the Money: How to Calculate ROI for In-House eDiscovery The benchmarks, KPIs, and formulas you need to validate success

While there are many factors that play into the decision of whether to bring discovery in house, at the end of day, the most powerful is straight dollars and cents. And while, for many organizations, eDiscovery costs have long been a black box, the most forward-thinking are developing robust ROI calculations for showing bottom-line results. Join a panel of experts as they share step-by-step how to develop benchmarks, KPIs and formulas for tracking spend and validating success. Attendees will come away with a calculator they can put to work today and guidance for how to share results with peers and superiors.

Led by Joel-Henry Mansfield, Sr. Litigation Technology Consultant at Nationwide

11:45-12:45 PM
Ken callender
How to Maximize Outcomes by Aligning Incentives Between In-House and Outside Counsel Disruptive strategies that leave both parties bettter off

Learn new strategies for controlling spend and creating alignment, both in-house and with outside counsel. Join Ken Callandar, Managing Principal at Value Strategies, as he presents strategies for creating alignment and improving outcomes, from internal demand control to in-house optimization to OC selection, management, and performance.

Led by Ken Callander, Managing Principal at Value Strategies

12:45-1:15 PM
Day One Wrap Up + Highlights Connect with peers in structured networking sessions

Regroup with your birds of a feather to discuss challenges, learnings, and new opportunities.

Facilitated by your favorite Logikcull customer success reps




until Sept 1 for non-Logikcull customers

Always free to Logikcull customers

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Cardinal Health
Southwest Airlines
Charles Schwab