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InHouse22 is the virtual conference for legal, ops & IT leaders who want to be better at their jobs, more impactful on their organizations, and who want to share thoughtful solutions to common challenges. The event is now over, but you can still learn from those who are doing transformational work in the trenches —and culling the noise — by accessing the entire conference on demand.
Learn From Peers At These World-Class Organizations
Actionable insights from peers who’ve done it.

Today, the roles and responsibilities of in-house legal teams are growing broader and more diverse by the day. And the pressure to show the value of legal, to justify spend and headcount, and to support the business needs of your teams is greater than ever. With so much on your plate and limited resources, how do you focus on the areas that really impact your team and your business?

No challenge is unique, and each is solvable. The people you'll learn from at InHouse22 prove it. You'll leave this event with practical, actionable ideas for doing your job better, having a bigger impact on your organization, and taking control of spend, data, and outside partner relationships.

Show ROI Where It Matters
As organizations grapple with belt-tightening and a weakening economy, it's more important than ever to be able to show and articulate the value of various legal initiatives. Learn from those who are debunking the idea of legal as a "cost center." 
Take Control of Your Budget
Whether deploying techniques to reign in outside counsel and vendor spending, or putting efficiency-boosting technology in place, ops experts getting the most bang for their buck will share what's working—and what's not.
Build for Scale
Learn from those who've developed playbooks, frameworks and guidelines for building highly successful in-house organizations, whether from the first attorney out or at larger teams attempting to take the next leap up the maturity curve.

Two days of learning and networking: one exclusively for in-house professionals, and one for Logikcull users of all stripes. Attend both days or pick up the sessions that are best for you.

8-8:30 AM
Morning Networking and Meet-and-Greet
Cull the noise—together

Pour yourself a cup of ambition—or just a dark roast—and get ready to kick off InHouse 2021 with friends old and new. Attend group networking sessions or schedule one-on-one networking with your peers.

9-9:30 AM
How to Cull the Noise—and Find What Really Moves the Needle
Day One Kickoff by Andy Wilson, CEO Logikcull

Today, data isn't information. It's noise. And not only is it making discovery and litigation a nightmare, it's invading every aspect of our lives and business. Join Logikcull CEO and co-founder, Andy Wilson, as he demonstrates new ways to cull out the BS and focus on the items that will really move the needle.

9-9:30 AM
From Blank Check to Budget: Reigning in Costs Amid Explosive Growth

How do you contain costs and scale smartly during periods of intense and rapid company growth? Experts at high-growth tech companies share best practices for controlling spend without sacrificing speed or quality.

9:30-10 AM
How I Built It: Cardinal Health’s Discovery Center of Excellence
Led by Amy Sellars, Cardinal Health

Throughout her career, Amy Sellars has taken in-house legal organizations from reactive and ad-hoc to innovative and empowered, with a single driving principle: Keep things powerfully simple, so people can do their job. Join her as she explains her approach to transformation and how she’s leading a better approach to eDiscovery and litigation as Director of Cardinal Health’s Discovery Center of Excellence.

10-10:55 AM
The IPO Toolbelt: How Unicorns Uplevel Their Legaltech Stack

What tools does a legal department need to help build the next billion-dollar startup? Ryan Black, Head of Legal Operations at Opendoor, and Tom Stephenson, Director of Legal Operations at Credit Karma, share their most essential tools for legal teams on the way to going public.

10-10:55 AM
The Start-from-Scratch Legal Hold Playbook

Tammy Thompson, Director of Litigation Services at Worley, shares how to roll out a legal hold process when starting from square one. Learn how to approach process documentation and legal hold guidance—from initial planning through to final deliverables—to reduce risk, control costs, and maximize performance.

11-11:55 AM
The Five-Year Plan: Preparing Your Legal Team for the Next $10 Billion 

What comes after easy? When the catch up work has caught up and the low-hanging fruit no longer hangs, in-house leaders need to lay the groundwork for the long road ahead. Susan Packal, Senior Director of Legal Operations and Chief of Staff at Twilio, and Stephanie Lamoureaux, Legal Operations Lead at Square, share how they plan for the next $10 billion. 

11-11:55 AM
Ops at Scale: How Legal Operators in Mature Companies Move the Needle

Directing change at established companies is like turning a battleship. It’s not easy but goddammit there are ships to sink, boys. Julie Richer, Legal Operations & Discovery Manager at American Electric Power, and Juanita Luna, Director of Legal Operations and Administration at Pacific Gas and Electric, share how innovative leaders can move the needle, drive change, and socialize success at even the largest companies. 

12-12:55 PM
Communication Breakdown: Safeguards for Collaborative Messaging in Remote Workplaces

Chat applications have come a long way from the days of AIM. Today, chat has moved from flame wars with “GiantsFan415” to the center of the (increasingly virtual) workplace, as Slack, Teams, and other collaborative messaging tools transform the way we communicate. But “productivity apps” can lead to a very unproductive—and expensive, and risky, and frustrating—legal process if not handled proactively. Yoon Ettinger, Associate General Counsel at Southern Gas Company, shares her safeguards and strategies for getting ahead of chat data. 

12-12:55 PM
Spotting Vendor Trapdoors, Gotchas and You Gotta Be Kidding Mes

Third parties can be valuable, even essential, partners in your legal process—but that doesn’t mean they won’t attempt to “churn that bill.” Tammy Thompson is a Director of Litigation Services at Worley and Amy Sellars, Assistant General Counsel and Director of the Discovery Center of Excellence at Cardinal Health, give their top tricks to look out for.

1-1:55 PM
Cull Me By Your Name: How to Easily Identify and Redact PII

Privilege and work product are only half the game. Today's eDiscovery practitioners are also increasingly tasked with protecting any personally identifiable information that may be in their data sets. That could mean painstakingly sifting through document after document—but it doesn't have to be. Coinbase's Kyle Kelly and Katie Lynch's Veolia share their strategies for culling PII quickly, easily, and confidently.

1-1:55 PM

For nearly 15 years before going in-house, Scott Wandstrat practiced as a partner at an AmLaw 200 firm. Today, as Chief Legal Officer for Kindred at Home, he’s on the other side of the attorney-client relationship. Join Wandstrat and a roundtable of in-house leaders as they explore how to maximize value, reduce risk, and lead lasting transformations that truly move the needle.

2-2:30 PM
Day One Wrap Up + Highlights
Connect with peers in structured networking sessions

Pull up a seat and celebrate the close of day one of InHouse with like-minded peers.

9-9:30 AM
Andy Wilson, Logikcull
Culling the Noise: overcoming Inertia and Tearing Down Barriers to Change
Keynote by Andy Wilson, CEO and Co-founder, Logikcull

We live in a world where data is no longer information. It's noise. And it’s the single biggest challenge for legal and IT teams today. Join Logikcull CEO and Co-Founder, Andy Wilson, as he reveals new ways to cull the noise and the roadmap for the future. A must-see!

9:30-10 AM
Product Workshops
Individual sessions to be announced

Get a personalized introduction to Logikcull's latest features and releases, plus training and strategy on how to leverage the most powerful culling features new and old. Attend small-group workshops on uploads, search, review, downloads, and more!

11:30-12:30 AM
Certification and Training
Individual sessions to be announced

Continue to deep-dive into Logikcull with hands-on training or prove that you're a master of modern eDiscovery with Logikcull's Culler Certification.

12:30-1:15 AM
Second Annual Logikcull Awards
Celebrate the individuals and organizations transforming discovery and investigations

Join us for the second annual Logikcull Awards, where we celebrate individuals and organizations who have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and impact in eDiscovery and beyond. This is not to be missed!

9:15-10 AM PST
Rocking the ROI: Factors at Play When Assessing the Value of Legal Initiatives
Scott Wandstrat, Deputy GC, Litigation, Kindred at Home
Amy Sellars, Senior Legal Counsel, eDiscovery Operations, CBRE

In the current economic climate, there's more scrutiny around legal initiatives than ever. When faced with cost pressure, you need to be equipped with the ROI data that allows you to determine what can be cut or potentially optimized to save money. At the same time, it's your job to get a key message across: That the legal team is not a cost center, but an enabler of the business and a revenue protector. 

Amy and Scott have great tips for doing both. 
9:15-10 AM PST
First It Creeps, Then It Leaps: Practical Advice for Building and Scaling Legal Operations
Anushree Bagrodia, Senior Mgt. Counsel, Mastercard
Kimberly Woodward, Senior Dir. of Legal Ops, Okta

Legal ops is a vital function for growing companies. But how do you get started, scale successfully, and learn what to prioritize?

Join this session to hear from two attorneys who transitioned into legal ops and built programs from the ground up at two companies with different ops needs: Okta and Mastercard. The panelists will bring their unique perspectives as attorneys in the ops space to advise on how to start ops at your own company, as well as the best ways to demonstrate the value of legal ops, even during an economic downturn.
10:05-10:50 AM PST
Navigating Outside Lands: A Smarter Approach to Collaborating with Outside Counsel
Terence Leong, Senior Counsel, Litigation, Compass
Kristin Meister, Director and Litigation Counsel, Crédit Agricole CIB
Matthew Steinberg, Senior VP of Litigation, ScionHealth

When it comes to establishing an effective relationship with outside counsel, there's no one-size-fits-all framework that works for all teams. Your criteria matrix will largely depend on your team culture and goals. However, there are certain factors that can ensure you get the most bang for your buck from your outside partners.

In this session, three seasoned litigators from Compass, Crédit Agricole CIB, and ScionHealth will be sharing their best tips and practices for collaborating with outside counsel in the most cost-effective and streamlined way.
10:05-10:50 AM PST
Tuning Up The Right Tools and Processes for an Unblocked Legal Team
E.A. Rockett, Senior Director, Office of the General Counsel, Adobe
Maxwell Rich, VP of Regulatory Affairs, Republic
Julie Richer, Director of Legal Ops, Bath & Body Works

Layoffs, budget cuts, hiring freezes… An economic downturn seems inevitable, and most organizations are taking bold steps to minimize loss. But when costs shrink, it's time for legal ops to shine.

This session will cover clear steps legal ops professionals and in-house counsel can take to optimize department costs and remove blockers so everyone can focus on what they do best without adding more resources. Get the perspective and practical advice from legal leaders at three very different companies: Adobe, Bath & Body Works, and Republic.
10:55-11:40 AM PST
Protecting Your Team's DEI Initiatives from Belt-Tightening Policies
Omar Sweiss, CEO, JusticeBid
LaTrece Johnson, Head of Legal Ops, Palo Alto Networks
Lloyd M. Johnson, CEO, Chief Legal Executive

Corporate law departments are under increased pressure — from the C-suite, their boards, and society — to reflect the diversity of America both internally and with their outside partners. That pressure is now in conflict with an increased scrutiny on legal spend due to the current economic climate.

Join Lloyd Johnson, founder, and CEO of Chief Legal Executive LLC, Omar Sweiss, founder and CEO of Justice Bid, and LaTrece Johnson, head of legal ops at Palo Alto Networks, for a candid conversation on how legal teams can operationalize and demonstrate the importance of DEI initiatives to shield them from potential budget reductions.
10:55-11:40 AM PST
Good Vibes Only: Building Highly Motivated and Efficient Legal Teams as You Scale
Ryan Black, Chief of Staff, Doordash
Yoon Ettinger, Associate General Counsel, Southern Company Gas

In light of a weakening economy, enhancing the value of high-performing team members and taking thoughtful steps to retain them is key to the success of your legal organization.

Yoon and Ryan are joining us to share their experience attracting, hiring, and motivating top talent to build highly efficient and scalable in-house legal teams.
11:45 AM -12 PM PST
Workshop: The Art and Craft of Building Your Personal Brand in Legal Ops
Tom Stephenson, Legal Ops Director, Credit Karma

In today's ultra-competitive market, you need to go the extra mile to land your dream job. For legal ops professionals, a solid personal brand can act as the differentiating factor to take your career to the next level.

As a renowned influencer in the legal ops world, Tom Stephenson will share his own playbook and best resources to build a name for yourself in the industry, as well as some key mistakes to avoid.
12:05-12:50 PM PST
Legal Tech Arena: The In-House eDiscovery Revolution
Tammy Thompson, Dir. of Litigation Services, Worley
Maureen Holland, eDiscovery Senior Service Manager, AstraZeneca
Katie Lynch, Enterprise Customer Success Manager,

As more and more corporate legal departments opt for transitioning the management of all aspects of eDiscovery in-house, the challenge becomes identifying the key problems to solve and the best tools to tackle them.

Join three eDiscovery ninjas from Worley, AstraZeneca, and Logikcull for a thorough walkthrough of the best process to develop an internal eDiscovery operation that scales and continuously measure its impact.
12:05-12:50 PM PST
Burning Slack: How to Prevent Chat Data From Destroying Your Discovery Process
Jo Vong, Legal Ops Manager, Plaid
Albert Lee, Paralegal, Plaid
Kyle Kelly, Staff Technical Program Manager, Coinbase

With over 1.5 billion messages generated per month and more than 600,000 organizations worldwide using Slack, the communications platform has become one of the main sources of evidence for disputes and investigations — and one of the worst headaches for most legal teams.

Join three innovative leaders from Plaid and Coinbase, as they share how they've conquered the main challenges presented by Slack in eDiscovery — from preserving data defensibly to conducting efficient collection and review processes — with the right workflows and technology.
8:15-9 AM PST
Learn the Logikcull Basics: Culler Certification Training
Training session with internal Logikcull experts Jury Joves and Robert Hilson.
Learn the basics of culling the noise, so you can start filtering out the 97% of eDiscovery data that doesn't matter. Expect actionable tips on how to master Logikcull's key functionalities — and prepare for obscure music references throughout.
9-9:35 AM PST
New Ways To Cull The Noise with Logikcull
Keynote by Andy Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of Logikcull, where we'll be presenting new discovery trends and stats, success stories, and brand new ways to find evidence —no matter where it hides.
9:40-10:25 AM PST
The 2022 Culler Awards
Close out InHouse 2022 with a celebration of legal teams who are transforming the legal practice. They are leveling playing fields, bringing simplicity to complexity, and reimagining the way legal work is done.

Join us as we honor this year’s winners of the 2022 Culler Awards for Innovation, Excellence, and Impact.
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