Manage Legal Holds 10X Faster

Cut legal hold timelines from days to minutes. Logikcull Hold streamlines hold notices, reminders & tracking, so you can focus on what matters most.

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Why Logikcull?

Your One-Stop Shop for Legal Hold Management

Relying on spreadsheets for your legal holds? This isn’t 2019. Logikcull offers comprehensive automation — from issuing the notice to the hold release.

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Issue a Legal Hold in Seconds

Choose a template. Select your custodians. Preserve your data. Go! From there, reminders and tracking become fully automatic.

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Get Your Hold Accepted. Fast.

Notify your custodians via email, Slack, or both, and ensure the notice reaches them wherever they are. If anyone needs an extra push, automated reminders will do the trick.

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Send Your Hold – Leave Us the Rest

Forget about unreliable manual tracking and reminders. Logikcull lets you schedule reminders throughout the life of the matter and release holds in a click.

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Preserve Data with Just a Click

Speed up legal holds and increase defensibility by issuing the hold notice and preserving custodian data from the same place.

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Got a trigger? Get a hold out in no time

With Logikcull, you’re covered from the moment you issue a legal hold to the time you’re ready to create a production. Your entire discovery process becomes simple, fast, and affordable.

Automated Preservation

Lock your most relevant data

Putting your legal holds on auto-pilot is great and all. But what if you still have to go through 200 data sources to understand what to preserve? Our Preserve in Place feature does that work for you.

easy tracking

Get the full picture of your holds activity at a glance

With Logikcull's powerfully simple dashboard, you’ll quickly understand the status of all your holds.


Integrated with the tools you use everyday

With Logikcull's direct integrations with data sources such as Slack, MS365, and Google Vault, all your data is always at your fingertips.

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Our team of product specialists will show you how to make Logikcull work for your specific needs and help you save thousands in discovery.


We build products our customers love

More than 1,500 legal teams around the world trust Logikcull for a faster, more affordable, completely vendor-free discovery process.

“Thanks to Logikcull, we now only engage outside counsel in 1 or 2 matters per year, whereas previously, we'd get them involved in more than half of our 9 or 10 yearly matters. That's an 83% reduction in OC reliance — and costs.”

Matthew Gainer

Senior Manager, Litigation
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“After I was able to handle that massive subpoena by myself, I realized we had to make Logikcull a core piece of our software stack. It's allowed us to reduce our subpoena response timelines by 90%."

Terence Leong

Senior Counsel, Litigation

"Logikcull Hold allows us to issue holds quickly, ensure consistency in our process, and manage our holds easily with much greater efficiency. It takes me from five spreadsheets for every hold to just getting the information and going."

Lindsay Kolar

Corporate Paralegal
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Our team of product specialists will show you how to make Logikcull work for your specific needs and help you save thousands in discovery.
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