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Instant Discovery for Modern Legal Teams

Whether you’re dealing with an internal investigation, subpoena response or plain old eDiscovery, Logikcull helps you search and review data fast, affordably and with ease.

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Learn How Logikcull Makes Discovery Instant

Find and review the data that matters most. Fast.

A multi-purpose solution for the many flavors of discovery.
  • eDiscovery. Time-consuming, expensive and laden with risk, eDiscovery can be a nightmare—but it doesn’t have to be. Logikcull lets you quickly and seamlessly:

    • Start a project in seconds, from anywhere
    • Quickly review, tag, and redact documents
    • Create powerful searches to find the most relevant files
    • Secure data with bank-level encryption
    • Eliminate vendor hassles and nickel-and-dime fees

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  • Investigations. When your company is on the line, Logikcull helps you neutralize problems quickly. Logikcull empowers legal, compliance and HR departments to get to the root of internal disputes with minimal effort by letting you:

    • Automate thousands of processing steps so you can start review quickly
    • Use sophisticated filters to find the most relevant data fast
    • Keep your data secure in our closed-loop system
    • Get to the heart of a matter in hours, rather than days

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  • Early Case Assessment. ECA can bring a quick resolution to what could be a long, expensive dispute. Logikcull gives you instant insight into your data, so you can get to the heart of the issues faster by:

    • Instantly organizing data by categories such as custodian and date range
    • Identifying “hot docs” with minimal effort
    • Culling junk data to dramatically reduce review time
    • Reviewing emerging data types, such as Slack data, with ease

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  • Subpoena Response. Responding to government or third-party subpoenas can be expensive and disruptive. Logikcull helps you respond with minimal effort, empowering you to:

    • Upload projects to one central repository, with drag-and-drop ease
    • Cull out the fluff and quickly find the documents that matter
    • Dramatically reduce the time and cost of production
    • Protect your documents through secure, permission-based sharing

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  • Record Requests. FOIA requests and sunshine laws can require swift response, but meeting open records requests can be time-consuming and expensive. Logikcull helps you meet impossible deadlines by:

    • Instantly filtering documents by custodian, time frame, document type and more
    • Speeding review with “drag over” redactions
    • Keeping documents secure in one centralized, encrypted system
    • Producing in any form, whether native, PDF, or TIFF

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  • Data Journalism. The next groundbreaking story could be buried under data. Logikcull helps you find the facts that would otherwise go unreported by helping you:

    • Start a project in minutes
    • Search through your documents instantly, no matter their size
    • Dig into your files with powerful culling filters
    • Master data through Logikcull’s seamless, intuitive interface

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