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At Logikcull, we make our own wine from Napa Valley’s finest vineyards. There are two ways to try:

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Redaction 2022

2019 Red Blend
Grist Vineyard Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma, CA.

Data is proliferating rapidly. So is bad wine. With Logikcull, you need not worry about either. We cull the noise. And conciliate the palate. This year's Redaction is built around a stunning Zinfandel and the rare Teraldego grape from northern Italy. It's a crowd pleaser standing alone, but pops when paired with chocolate, a well-aged steak, or a tight discovery deadline.

Whiteout 2022

White Blend
Split Rock Vineyard, Sonoma, CA.

The beauty of Logikcull: what comes out is more refined, more rich, more perfectly paired down than what goes in. So it is with this special vintage of Whiteout. What began as an experimental blend of Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and GewĂĽrztraminer, with patience, tinkering, and a completely dry fermentation, has emerged a punchy, straight-line bouquet of flavors that bursts with floral and citrus notes. This is a clean front-porch day-sipper. All signal. No noise.

Redaction 2020

The Wine Foundry, Napa, CA.

Use Logikcull to quickly find your data. Use Redaction to tastily discover relaxation.

The grapes we have selected come from Grist Vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley and are used in some of the highest quality brand in California. We wanted the wine to reflect our technology and service, unique and carefully hand crafted.

We hope you like it.

Redaction 2016

Pinot Noir
Lindsay's Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills, CA

A light red bursting with juicy berry flavors, our newest vintage -- and our first pinot! — is a perfect companion to your favorite Netflix binge, a cool autumn breeze and a comfy pair of Logikcull socks.

The grapes we've selected come from the Sta. Rita Hills American Viticultural Area — one of California's premier cool climate AVAs. We wanted this one to reflect our technology, unique and carefully crafted. Cheers!

Redaction 2011

Grist Vineyard, Napa, CA.

We had to do it. The 2008 Zin was haunting us. We missed it. And as luck would have it an opportunity came up to purchase grapes from the same vineyard that we sourced from for the 2008 Zin. As reference, Turley and their $100+/bottle wine also source grapes from this same vineyard. They are very good grapes.

This Zin isn’t an exact clone. It’s very young and lacks the high alcohol content of its older brother. But it’s still a very good Zin despite 2011 being a rather down year for Napa overall. You’ll notice mild oak, pepper, and blackberry flavors. Great with fish or steak.

Whiteout 2011

Split Rock Vineyard, Napa, CA.

Our first attempt at a white wine turned out to be a good one. Despite 2011 being a fairly bad grape year in Napa (it was very cold all year) our Chardonnay turned out just fine. Whiteout is a well balanced Chardonnay that’s not too dry and not too sweet or buttery.

You’ll notice oak overtones and hints of apple. It goes extremely well with pan fried chicken or fish and surprisingly well with fresh guacamole.

“Whiteout: A fluid, usually white, that dries quickly and is applied to printed matter to cover mistakes.” In other words drink up. It’s been a long day. White it out.

Redaction 2009

Cabernet Sauvignon
St. Helena, Napa, CA.

Could the 2008 Redaction Zin be topped by a fancy Cabernet Sauvignon? Well, yes. Yes, it can. The 2009 Cab is an excellent vintage. We went with a white label, but kept the bright red wax cap and burgundy-style bottle. The insides were the real change.

A Cabernet Sauvignon takes a bit more TLC than a Zin and it shows. You’ll notice lots of oak and blackberry with a smooth aftertaste. As it’s aged, the wine has matured nicely and tastes even better than when we first uncorked it. Going fast though. Only a few dozen bottles left.

Redaction 2008

Grist Vineyard, Napa, CA.

Boy did we get lucky with our first wine. Not to brag, but 2008 was a great grape year. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right. And Redaction 2008 was a mighty Zin. Packed with 15.5% alcohol this Zin came with a spicy punch.

It went fast. We wanted everyone to taste what we’re pretty sure was the world’s first eDiscovery labelled wine. Word spread fast and before we knew it 300 bottles had been handed out to customers, prospective customers, employees, friends, family, and local wine bars. So naturally we had to make more.

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We make our own wine from Napa Valley’s finest vineyards.
There are two ways to try.