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Jackie Bley
Sr. Paralegal, Contracts & Legal Ops
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Jackie Bley
Opening Your Legal Ops Shop

Learn the Key To Effective Onboarding.

Watch now
Yesenia Pilar Santiago
From Surviving to Thriving: How to Nurture Your Legal Team and Avoid Burnout

Promote Mental Health and Avoid Burnout at In-house Legal Teams.

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Mo Zain Ajaz
Crafting a Sound Legal Ops Strategy

Discover the Secrets to Success for GCs.

Watch now
Stacy Lettie
Often Overlooked Ways to Save Costs

How Basic Negotiation Tactics, Billing Guidelines, and Technology Can Make a Difference.

Watch now
Terence Leong
Ashley Adams
Daniel Michalek
1-Year Anniversary of Inside Voices 🎉

Chat with Past Speakers on How the Litigation Team and Legal Ops Can Collaborate Effectively.

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Sandy MacDonnell
Boosting Efficiency with Billing Guidelines

How You Can "Do More With the Same" When You Have The Right Guidelines in Place.

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Emily Teuben
Best Tips for Optimizing Legal Workflows

How to Have Fully Automated Workflows to Work More Efficiently in Your Legal Team.

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Adam Becker
Shifting to a Legal Ops Team of One

How to Succeed in a Startup Company as a Legal Ops Professional.

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Andy Trout
Building a Subpoena Operation at Scale

How to Fully Automate a Massive Subpoena Response Operation.

Watch now
Claudia Bhatt
Surviving Without Legal Ops

How Small and Nimble Legal Teams Can Drive Efficiencies and Meet a High Demand with Few Resources.

Watch now
Steven Rippberger
RFPs, Vendors and Tech, Oh My!

Useful Tactics to Ensure You Choose the Right Vendor for Your Needs.

Watch now
Lauren Stern
The End of the Billable Hour?

Main Problems of the Billable Hour Model and Alternative Fee Arrangements You Can Use.

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Sami Najm
Award-Winning Legal Ops Initiatives

How a Lean and Nimble Team Can Create Legal Ops Programs So Effective They Are Award-Worthy.

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Helen Lowe
Tightening Belts

How Legal Teams Can Develop a More Cost-Conscious Approach to Manage Legal Spend.

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Daniel Tarle
Balancing Velocity and Scalability

How To Move Fast While Implementing Processes that Easily Scale in Legal Ops.

Watch now
Michael Francony
Conquering Change Management

How to Bring People Along When Implementing New Legal Technology.

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Anna Richards
Achieving Cross-Functional Alignment

How to Get Different Teams on the Same Page for More Successful Legal Initiatives.

Watch now
Sean Houston
Automating Legal Work

How to Harness the Power of Automation so Everyone Can Focus on their Best Work.

Watch now
Stephanie Lamoureaux
Telling the Story of Your Budget

How to Show the ROI of your Legal Initiatives and Justify Spend.

Watch now
Jessica Vander Ploeg
Implementing Legal Tech

How to Set Up the First Legal Tech Tools to Automate Manual Work.

Watch now
Carl Morrison
Navigating an M&A

How Legal Ops Can Get Ready for All the Aspects Involved in a Merger.

Watch now
LaTrece Johnson
Making DEI a Priority

How to Drive DEI Initiatives and Put them at the Forefront of a Legal Team's Operation.

Watch now
Daniel Michalek
Vendor Management

Establishing Successful Relationships with Outside Counsel.

Watch now
Lauren Ruitberg
Modernizing Legal Ops

How Legal Ops Teams Can Earn a Seat at The Decision-Making Table.

Watch now
Ashley Adams
Breaking into Legal Ops

Succeeding in a Legal Ops Role Without a Legal Background.

Watch now
Maureen Holland
Ellen Blanchard
Generate Digital Smarts

Uplevelling Tech Savviness Across your In-House Legal Team.

Watch now
Jamie Ingles
Legal Spend Optimization

Striking the Right Balance between Internal and External Legal Spend

Watch now
Sarah Flint
Measure What Matters

Tracking the Right Data to Boost Your Legal Team's Performance

Watch now
Tom Stephenson
Personal Branding

Building a Strong Personal Brand to Advance Your Legal Ops Career

Watch now
Terence Leong
Smart Scaling​

How To Hire Specialists As Your In-House Legal Team Grows​

Watch now
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