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Articles on In-House Series

June 23, 2021


Roundtable: What the Microsoft Breach Says About Law Firm Data Security

February 25, 2021

Legal Hold Webinar Blog Cover

Burn Your Spreadsheets: Introducing *Free* Logikcull Legal Hold

February 3, 2021

Digital Data

What You Need to Know About the CPRA, California’s New Data Privacy Law

January 27, 2021


Sneak Peak: The 2021 Corporate In-Housing Survey, COVID-19 Update

January 14, 2021


4 Remote Work Lessons From 2020

December 21, 2020

Legal Hold Covid Blog Post

Take the Survey: COVID’s Impacts on the Legal Profession

December 15, 2020


7 Strategies for a Defensible Legal Hold Process

December 3, 2020


Tips for Issuing a Corporate Legal Hold