Never Google “export from Outlook” Again

Never Google “export from Outlook” Again

Why manage eDiscovery in a platform that’s slow, difficult, and unreliable?

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Never Google “export from Outlook” Again

Why rely on a platform where only a portion of your data lives?

Centralize Discovery

Only a fraction of your data lives in MS 365. The rest is probably spread across dozens of apps. Collect data directly from the source and consolidate your discovery process in one robust platform.

Uncover Dark Data

Ever bumped into those “partially-indexed” files in MS 365? Let Logikcull index and shed light on 100% of the data you collect from Microsoft systems.

Surface Responsive Docs Fast

Upon ingesting your Microsoft files, Logikcull will automatically deduplicate and organize them by filters like sender, domain, and dates, allowing you to spot those smoking guns in just a few clicks.

Streamline Outlook Email Collection

Forget about the tedious process of searching, exporting, and ingesting Outlook emails into your eDiscovery platform. Just connect, collect, and go!

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