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100% Predictable Pricing

No hosting fees. No user fees. No support fees. No BS.
And no waiting -- open a Pro account in minutes.

Hosting Fees

Pay As You Go


For users with unpredictable usage

$250 /month

Per Project

$25 /GB processed


Try for Free

  • Culling Intelligence Search Engine
    Data uploaded to Logikcull is automatically categorized by email domain, language, file type, custodian, and 40+ more categories you can then easily filter on. Plus, we flag your documents for potential privilege. It's Artificial Intelligence without the complexity.
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited data hosting
  • Unlimited downloads (i.e. productions)
    Download, produce or share your files in any format (TIFF with load files, PDF, natives) with a few clicks. Applying Bates numbers and branding is automatic.
  • 24/7/365 in-app chat support
  • Auto-deduplication
  • Automatic OCR application
  • Full text and metadata extraction
  • Automatic quality control tags
    Logikcull automates more than 3000 unique processing steps essential to discovery, including application of "QC" tags, so you can quickly identify important documents, such as those that are potentially privileged or password protected.



For organizations with frequent matters

Contact us

  • All Pro features
    Enterprise plans include all core Logikcull features, including Culling Intelligence, OCR, auto privilege detection, deduplication and much more.
  • Unlimited user onboarding
  • Unlimited user training
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Account branding
  • Advanced reporting
  • Legal hold & notifications
  • Advanced data culling tools
  • Custom user roles
  • Project templates

Just want to try it out? Contact us to get a sandbox account, or chat with an expert.

Trusted by the largest (and smallest) organizations in the world

  • Airgas
  • Chubb
  • City of Boston
  • Lyft
  • McNees
  • Veolia
  • Southern Environmental Law

Got 100 GBs? Here's how Logikcull stacks up against the typical provider.
You only pay for data once -- and every month after the first is just $250, no matter what.

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Other frequently asked questions

When is a pay-as-you-go plan my best option?

Pay-as-you-go plans are ideal for customers who pass through costs to clients, and for taking Logikcull for a no-risk test drive. Try Logikcull with no strings attached and no long-term contract, and experience first hand why it’s the top ranked discovery solution by G2Crowd, Capterra, Gartner and every other third-party review service.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes! Free trials consist of a Logikcull account with sample data to which you have access indefinitely. You will only be charged when you upload your own data.

Other than data uploads, will I incur any additional data-related charges, such as those for data expansion or downloads?

No! Data charges are assessed once upon upload and are based on the size of your data prior to being processed in Logikcull. While your data might expand upon processing and be reflected in a higher data storage amount in your Logikcull admin panel, you will only be charged for the pre-processed size of the data. Similarly, if your data size decreases upon upload (e.g. due to deduplication of data), you will still be charged for the pre-processed size of the data. You may also notice that your data storage size grows when downloading files from Logikcull. This will not contribute to your uploaded data size and will not have any impact on your billing statement.

How will I be billed under Logikcull’s Pro plan?

The Pro plan is made up of two components: projects and data. You will be charged a flat rate of $250 per month for every project created in Logikcull. Additionally, there is a one-time $25 per gigabyte upload charge. The amount of data you are billed for is calculated based on the data’s pre-processed, pre-expansion size (e.g. if you upload a 10 gigabyte ZIP file, you pay for exactly 10 GB). The per-project rate of $250 does not increase or decrease based on project size or any other factors. So, for example, projects with 10 gigabytes of data stored and 1 terabyte of data stored will be charged at the same rate, $250, after the first month.

How much do you charge for support?

Nada! Niente! Nichts! Nothing! Logikcull is not an eDiscovery vendor, so we don’t charge like one. Our award-winning customer support is available 24/7/365 via in-app chat, email or phone at no additional cost. We also provide free user training.

How many documents are in a gigabyte?

The answer is “it depends”—primarily on the type and nature of your data. As a rule of thumb, a gigabyte is between 3,000 and 5,000 documents (e.g. email, PDF).

I’ve signed up for the pay-as-you-go Pro plan. How long does my payment term last?

There are no contracts and no commitments under Logikcull’s Pro plan. You will simply be billed for each month in which you have a project with at least one byte of data (i.e. one document) in it. Should you delete a project or remove all data from a project, you will not be billed for that project the following month.

What are the advantages of a subscription?

Your subscription will be tailored to your organization. But, generally, subscription customers receive discounts on per-matter pricing and access to enterprise-grade features, such as advanced data reduction tools, customized user roles, project templates, archiving and the ability to create multiple sub-accounts. Contact us for more information.

Trusted by the largest (and smallest) organizations in the world