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Discovery for the Many,
Not the Few

The Logikcull team group photograpgh at a recent offsite in Miami, Florida

Hi! We’re Logikcull. Here are a few things you should know about us:

We're Impact Focused

Our mission is to disrupt and democratize discovery, and we work every day to transform an a$$ backwards multi-billion and highly inefficient legal industry. Plus, we’re impactful in other ways, like planting a tree for every new matter created.

We’re digital by design and fully remote

We bid our office farewell in 2020. Our people work all around the world in over 9 different time zones.

We’re high achievers with high empathy

People that do well here are self-starters, GSD weekly, act quickly, stay out of meetings (seriously), and work with purpose. We don’t hire passengers - Drivers only, and drivers wanted!

We're fun

We make wine, swag, and write hilarious product release notes. We love puns and our weekly game of 3-Minute-Animal, where we compete to draw prompts like “Magnetic Muskrat” in 3 minutes or less. We take our life-changing work very seriously… Ourselves not so much.


A World-Class Team: That's How We Win

Disrupting an a$$ backwards multi-billion and highly inefficient industry takes intelligence, creativity, and grit: Our people (aka Logikbots) have those qualities in spades.

Our Values

Strong Values = Strong Team

“The team you build is the company you build. And the values & characteristics you choose to embrace become the bedrock of your company. Choose wisely.”
- Logikcull Co-Founder & CEO, Andy Wilson

Start with the Why

We believe our work should be guided by a clear purpose. Why build this feature? Why solve this problem? We start with the why to make sure we’re in alignment with our mission, to hold ourselves accountable, and to build consensus.

Do the Right Thing

We believe we should never have to compromise our values. Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others — customers, employees, partners — the way you want to be treated.

Put the Customer First

We believe serving our customers should drive everything we do. We will move heaven and earth for our customers. It is our job to ensure every customer is successful using Logikcull.

Engineer Powerful Simplicity

We believe simplicity is the most powerful value of all. Our job is to remove complexity in everything we do. This requires a relentless pursuit to build systems and software that are powerfully simple.


Named for our co-founder and CTO, we believe the world would be a better place with a bit more S.H.E.N.G.

  • Smart
  • Hungry and Humble
  • Empathetic
  • Nimble
  • Gritty

How Logikcull came to be

Andy and Sheng met at Virginia Tech in the late 90s. Sheng studied Computer Engineering. Andy studied Computer Science & Business. Both had big company jobs lined up after graduation... And then the dot-com bust happened. 

Randomly, both Andy and Sheng ended up working at a litigation support company in the early 2000s. As they witnessed the printing of millions of emails for high-stakes, pay-anything litigation, they had a big and somewhat obvious idea: What if all this data could be indexed, organized, and made searchable by anyone? This was the spark that inspired the mission of democratizing discovery and launching Logikcull.

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We Love Our Customers, and They Love Us Back

“Thanks to Logikcull, we now only engage outside counsel in 1 or 2 matters per year, whereas previously, we'd get them involved in more than half of our 9 or 10 yearly matters. That's an 83% reduction in OC reliance — and costs.”

Matthew Gainer

Senior Manager, Litigation
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“After I was able to handle that massive subpoena by myself, I realized we had to make Logikcull a core piece of our software stack. It's allowed us to reduce our subpoena response timelines by 90%."

Terence Leong

Senior Counsel, Litigation

"Logikcull Hold allows us to issue holds quickly, ensure consistency in our process, and manage our holds easily with much greater efficiency. It takes me from five spreadsheets for every hold to just getting the information and going."

Lindsay Kolar

Corporate Paralegal

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