Forget About Painful Vault Searches

Forget About Painful Vault Searches

Can’t get a granular view of your data in Google Vault? We let you ingest, organize, and cull data immediately.

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Forget About Painful Vault Searches

Google is Great — But Not for eDiscovery

Connect, Collect & Go

With Logikcull’s Google Vault integration, you can quickly ingest Google Workspace files (Gmail, G-chat, Google Docs, etc.) for a quick and secure search. No vendors involved.

Get the Full Picture of Your Evidence

Our Culling Intelligence™ and advanced searching options help you quickly understand the scope of matters big and small, cull out irrelevant data, and move fast with your document review. 

Surface Responsive Docs Fast

Using suboptimal tools for discovery can slow you down and put you at risk. Equip your team with the search and review features you don't have in Vault for a more thorough, streamlined, and secure process.

Arm Your Team For Success

Upon ingesting your Google Workspace data, Logikcull will automatically deduplicate and organize it by filters like sender, domain, and dates that will allow you to spot those smoking guns in just a few clicks.

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