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With Logikcull, conducting a proper Early Case Assessment takes just a drag and drop. Gain critical insights immediately to assess risks and reduce costs.

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These organizations trust Logikcull to reduce discovery costs and work more efficiently

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Assess Your Matters at a Glance

Upon ingestion, Logikcull automatically organizes and deduplicates your data for a quick and efficient ECA.

Slash Your Costs

Up to 97% of your data is non-responsive noise. Logikcull automatically flags the docs that don’t matter, so you can predict the cost of eDiscovery right from the start.

Get Started in Seconds

Logikcull’s learning curve is… flat. Can you find a pair of shoes on Amazon? Good! That’s as hard as it gets.

Find Responsive Docs

Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence helps you automatically organize & filter your data — so you can surface responsive docs in a few clicks.

You're Never Alone

Logikcull is self-serve and ridiculously easy to use. But if you get stuck at any point, our discovery experts are available 24/7/365 for you.

Find Smoking Guns

By using keywords and keyword combinations in Logikcull, you can find the most responsive documents and get a preliminary understanding of the scope of the review and the strength of your evidence.

Break Up with Vendors

Stop relying on third parties for data collection. Pull data directly from Google Vault, Slack, Microsoft 365, Box, and more, or drag and drop your files, and get them automatically processed in minutes.


Collect data in seconds

Stop relying on costly vendors or your IT team. Just drag & drop your files or integrate directly with data sources like Slack, Google, Microsoft, and Box for instant collection and quick data assessment.

Powerful integrations
Find dark data with Logikcull

Uncover all your evidence — no matter where it hides

With dozens of review features and collaboration options, you can move through your doc review fast — whether solo or with external aid.


Anticipate risks and predict costs

By getting into the facts of your matter in minutes, you’ll be able to have a better understanding of the likely outcome of your case and the costs associated with it.

Enhanced security

Integrated with your data sources

Connect directly with Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Vault, Box, and Clio, and collect all your data with a click.

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What our customers are saying

More than 1,500 legal teams trust Logikcull for faster, more affordable discovery.

“Thanks to Logikcull, we now only engage outside counsel in 1 or 2 matters per year, whereas previously, we'd get them involved in more than half of our 9 or 10 yearly matters. That's an 83% reduction in OC reliance — and costs.”

Matthew Gainer

Senior Manager, Litigation
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“After I was able to handle that massive subpoena by myself, I realized we had to make Logikcull a core piece of our software stack. It's allowed us to reduce our subpoena response timelines by 90%."

Terence Leong

Senior Counsel, Litigation

"Logikcull Hold allows us to issue holds quickly, ensure consistency in our process, and manage our holds easily with much greater efficiency. It takes me from five spreadsheets for every hold to just getting the information and going."

Lindsay Kolar

Corporate Paralegal