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What's it like to work at Logikcull? Ask the team.

100% of employees say we care about each other.

I am blessed to work with/among/for the most brilliant and wonderful people.  Everyone here truly cares about the person next to them (in a Zoom room, that is).  That’s not just a rah-rah throw-away line.  Every single person I’ve met at Logikcull will stop what they’re doing to help you because they actually want to help and see you succeed.  From the top down, that’s how it works here.  The benefits and the people and the culture and the mission are second-to-none.  This place is truly special!"
Daley Benson
Customer Success Manager, Logikcull
Logikcull truly has a great company culture. The people here are so smart, passionate, and quirky that coming to work is something I look forward to everyday. It’s a very take the work seriously, but not yourself type of environment."
Gazina Ali
Talent Acquisition, Logikcull
Every day at Logikcull, I get to live the dream of working with amazing people, for a company that values each employee for who they are and what they can be, and gives each person the encouragement needed to shine. I am proud to work for a company that not only makes a difference in the legal world but actively seeks to make a difference in the lives of every employee."
Product Support Representative, Logikcull
Jessie Higginbotham
A mission-driven approach
We make sure our people [believe in our] mission and that the work doesn’t ever feel transactional. The environment we’ve created here really allows people to do their best work.
Andy Wilson
CEO, Logikcull

Employee perks

We invest in our people and try to create the best working environment. Here are a few examples.

You’re in charge
New Baby Program

Eight weeks paid leave minimum for new parents, with additional time off for birthing parents. We also provide a $1,000 allowance for the new family, which can be used for expenses such as a night nurse, house cleaning services, or a family photography session.

Control costs icon
Never Stop Learning

Purchase all the professional books you want, on us. Additionally, reimburse up to $750 annually for continued education!  Stay on top of the latest industry developments or better yourself professionally.

Lock down corporate information icon
Flexible Work Environments

Say goodbye to that commute. We're a 100% remote workforce with flexible PTO. Also, you get a $1,000 allowance on your first year for home office improvements.

Expand your resources icon
Great Health Care Coverage

We cover 99% of premiums for you and your dependents so you can rest easier at night.

Know your data icon
Recognition for a Job Well Done

We call them #Logikprops: regular opportunities to recognize your peers for going above and beyond.

Make counsel come to you icon
Mental Fitness

We offer a company-sponsored subscription to the Calm app to build resilience and mental fitness through better sleep, mindfulness, and meditation.

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Investing in your future

Plant the seed to your financial success with equity in a fast-growing startup for every single employee, plus a company-sponsored 401(k) with matching contributions up to $1000.


Work remotely but come together often. Enjoy three offsite gatherings a year, so you can get to know your colleagues on a more personal (and in person) level. Join us for our annual all-company offsite and two team and/or functional level offsites throughout the year.

Social impact

Don't just work, make a difference. Every month, Logikcull donates to a charity of an employee’s choice, as well as to the National Forest Foundation to plant trees! Additionally, Logikcull provides free and discounted subscriptions to non-profits that can benefit from our product.

Mentorship program

Grow with us. Logikcull's mentorship program pairs employees with mentors who can help you with questions about your career, how to deal with tricky or difficult situations, or just as a way to network.

Calm app

Logikcull offers a free subscription to Calm, the #1 app for resilience and mental fitness. Millions of people are experiencing lower stress, less anxiety, improved focus and more restful sleep with the app.

Employee Assistance Program

We've got your back. Logikcull's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps employees and their families with personal and/or work-related problems that may impact their job performance, health, or mental and emotional well-being

Childcare benefit

Finding childcare can be a struggle, especially for new parents. We offer a concierge service through Kinside to connect parents with childcare services that fit their needs.

Speaker series

Stay empowered and educated with Logikcull's regular guest speaker series for employees, featuring experts on topics like disability, women's empowerment, drug and alcohol awareness, and even baseball—yes, baseball.

Diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives

We strive to create an environment of diversity and inclusion with gender identity and awareness trainings, support for nonbinary and transitioning employees, including a wide range of services. Plus, internships for underrepresented groups looking to break into legal tech.

The exponential growth I’ve experienced since my internship has been directly fostered by my fellow Logikbots and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside this group of talented and empathic people."
Christa Oshodi
I finally opted into a Flexible Spending Account. Not only does this perk help manage my tax liability, but it also forces me to budget these expenses a year out for a family of four."
John O'Hara
Our 3-minute animal game has really helped me get to know the team. We can all gather once a week with a common goal of being goofy, and that's something I look forward to!”
Troy Kinsella

Our values are the core of everything we do

These five values shape the company we build, the candidates we hire, the employee perks we offer, and the social impact we aspire to make.

Start With the Why

We believe our work should be guided by a clear purpose. Why build this feature? Why solve this problem? Why hire this person? We start with the why to make sure we’re in alignment with our mission, to hold ourselves accountable, and to build consensus.

Do the Right Thing

We believe we should never have to compromise our values. Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others—customers, employees, partners—the way you want to be treated.

Put the Customer First

We believe serving our customers should drive everything we do. We will move heaven and earth for our customers. It is our job to ensure every customer is successful using Logikcull.

Pursue Powerful Simplicity

We believe simplicity is the most powerful value of all. Our job is to remove complexity in everything we do. This requires a relentless pursuit to build systems and software that are powerfully simple.

Be S.H.E.N.G.

We believe the world would be a better place with a bit more S.H.E.N.G.:
Hungry and humble

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Logikcull is fully-remote. Work with us from anywhere.

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