Reduce the time and cost of eDiscovery by 90%

Logikcull is the leading discovery provider. With Logikcull, you can capture more billable work associated with discovery and take on larger client matters.

Cut time to review in half
Bill more of your time
Bring more work in-house

Build your practice with Logikcull + Clio

Logikcull automates the tedious and expensive process of discovery and data management in litigation and investigations. It is easy to use, free to create an account, and zero cost to implement and maintain. Simply drag and drop your files into and they are uploaded securely to Logikcull’s cloud-based software.

Cull the Noise. Find the Signal.

With Logikcull's new Matter Mirroring integration for Clio, you can easily create a new project in Logikcull from an existing matter in Clio, or a new matter in Clio from an existing project in Logikcull -- all at the click of a button.

Matter Mirroring reduces the time and hassle associated with entering duplicate information, so you can begin uploading discovery-related materials (like documents and emails) to Logikcull that are associated with cases in Clio.

Upload: Say Goodbye to Vendors & Delays

No vendors. No hidden fees. No waiting.
Just drag & drop or integrate directly to a data source to kick off a matter in seconds, so you can automatically:

  • Index text and metadata to make all files searchable, separating the data "noise" from the data "signal"
  • Dedupe, OCR, thread emails and tag for quality control
  • Flag important and potentially privileged documents

Search: Kick Keywords to the Curb

Stop aimlessly sifting through the noise. Logikcull surfaces relevant information —email, audio/video, Slack, Google & Microsoft data— with intuitive filters. So if you can shop on Amazon, you can:

  • Remove irrelevant docs in bulk with a single click
  • Filter email by sender, recipient, bcc/cc address & more
  • Tag, review and redact documents, one-by-one or in bulk

Download: Never Miss A Deadline Again

Are productions bringing you to a standstill? With Logikcull, you control the production and sharing of your data, so you're not dependent on a vendor or technician. With Logikcull, you can:

  • Share docs in any format and with any metadata
  • Apply Bates numbers automatically and template responses
  • Share docs directly & securely with other parties
These organizations achieve instant ROI with 97% average data reduction prior to doc review.
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