Logikcull builds our team around our 5 core values

Start With the Why

We believe our work should be guided by a clear purpose. Why build this feature? Why solve this problem? This helps us stay aligned with our mission, hold ourselves accountable, and build consensus

Do the Right Thing

We believe we should never have to compromise our values. Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others — customers, employees, partners — the way you want to be treated.

Put the Customer First

We believe serving our customers should drive everything we do. We will move heaven and earth for our customers. It is our job to ensure every customer is successful using Logikcull.

Engineer Powerful Simplicity

We believe simplicity is the most powerful value of all. Our job is to remove complexity in everything we do. This requires a relentless pursuit to build systems and software that are powerfully simple.

Be S.H.E.N.G.

Named for our co-founder and CTO Sheng Yang, to be S.H.E.N.G. is to be Smart, Humble & Hungry, Empathetic, Nimble, and Gritty.

Our Culture

What's it like to work with us?

We'll let our employees tell you.

“I joined Logikcull because I was looking to join a fast-paced, customer-obsessed organization with a top-tier product that clients enjoy using and help them in their day-to-day lives. It was clear that Logikcull employees feel the same way and are all rowing in the same direction and want to tackle challenging problems head-on. I am also excited as it is evident that Logikcull users see the immense benefit from the product and I am excited to help others see the light and enhance discovery processes within In-House teams.”.

Jack Strakosch

Account Executive

“As a longtime Logikcull user/customer (nine years) I have experienced firsthand the power of the product and the awesomeness of the entire team. In my previous role as Director of Legal Support at Veolia North America, I leveraged the power of Logikcull and brought the entire eDiscovery process in-house, resulting in millions of dollars in savings. As a member of Logikcull’s Customer Success Team, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help other customers achieve those same results.”

Katie Lynch

Enterprise Customer Success ManagerAccount Executive

“I wanted to work somewhere with a positive social impact. Logikcull’s mission of democratizing discovery resonated with me - legal services should be accessible to all. I love the idea of working on a product that is helping organizations tackle important issues like climate change and child exploitation. It was also a great opportunity to work in an interesting and challenging space with a team culture that’s hardworking and driven, but can also have fun and not take themselves too seriously.”

Taj Poudel

Product Manager

“Every day at Logikcull, I get to live the dream of working with amazing people, for a company that values each employee for who they are and what they can be, and gives each person the encouragement needed to shine. I am proud to work for a company that not only makes a difference in the legal world but actively seeks to make a difference in the lives of every employee.".

Jesse Higginbotham

Product Support Representative

"I knew from my interview experience that Logikcull was a special place, but once I began my position as a Frontend Software Engineering Intern those suspicions were certainly validated. Being a black, LGBTQ+ identifying woman in tech comes with its own set of challenges, but Logikcull has established a safe, accepting environment with no shortage of brilliant engineers to assist me in honing my skills. Now, as a full-time Software Engineer at Logikcull, I have the opportunity to work with other incoming interns in a full-circle experience that has deepened my appreciation of representation and mentorship."

Christa Oshidi

Software Engineer

"I am blessed to work with/among/for the most brilliant and wonderful people.  Everyone here truly cares about the person next to them (in a Zoom room, that is).  That’s not just a rah-rah throw-away line.  Every single person I’ve met at Logikcull will stop what they’re doing to help you because they actually want to help and see you succeed.  From the top down, that’s how it works here.  The benefits and the people and the culture and the mission are second-to-none.  This place is truly special!".

Daley Benson

Customer Success Manager

“Logikcull truly has a great company culture. The people here are so smart, passionate, and quirky that coming to work is something I look forward to everyday. It’s a very take the work seriously, but not yourself, type of environment."

Gazina Ali

Talent Acquisition

Before you keep scrolling...

“The team you build is the company you build. And the values & characteristics you choose to embrace become the bedrock of your company. Choose wisely.”
- Logikcull Co-Founder & CEO, Andy Wilson

We find that hiring around our values produces the strongest candidates, allowing us to build a world-class team that balances high empathy with high accountability. Every person who works at Logikcull has to score high on each S.H.E.N.G. element to be hired. We don’t have degree requirements for our positions, and believe that the most powerfully simple thing you can do is to hire the right person for the job, without getting hung up on the requirements and checkboxes that can discourage stellar job-seekers. 

The work we do to democratize discovery is serious, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Logikbots work hard, play hard, hold each other to a high standard, and want to build something special to make our customers’ lives better. Our environment is fast-paced, 100% remote, and sometimes unpredictable. We’re always here to support you, but we won’t calendar creep or micromanage your schedule, so we need applicants who are adaptable, self-sufficient, accountable, and who thrive in a remote environment. 

If this sounds like you, read on to learn more about us and see our job postings! And even if you don’t feel like the most perfect fit for a certain open position, tell your imposter syndrome to sit down and shoot your shot: It would be a very SHENG thing to do.

Who are we?

Big challenges. Impactful work. A multi-billion market opportunity.

Today, eDiscovery is an expensive, complex, and insecure nightmare. Things that you’d think could never happen in the 21st century, like spending millions of dollars to print emails to paper happen daily. Logikcull is transforming the traditional approach to discovery by putting it in the hands of anyone, anywhere — while empowering legal teams to dramatically cut legal spend. No more BS.

We’re driven by mission, not headcount growth. Our customers and impact are always our primary focus.

We’re turning a multi-billion a$$ backwards and horribly inefficient industry upside down. We’re leveling the legal playfield with a tool that’s intuitive, affordable, and incredibly easy to use. And we’re doing impactful work that’s ultimately creating fairer access to the justice system for all. 

How do we hire?

Building a world-class team to conquer our mission

We care about who you are and what you can do — not your degree. Our hiring process is designed to get to know you, your skills, and your potential to thrive at Logikcull.

  1. Apply
  1. Check out our open positions and apply to those you think you’re a great fit for. We’ll carefully review your application and ask you to connect if everything checks.

  1. Intro Call
  1. You’ll chat for 30 minutes with a recruiter, where we’ll get to know each other better to see if there’s a match.

  1. Meet the Hiring Manager
  1.  The hiring manager is the person you’ll work most closely with, so you’ll connect for half an hour to discuss your technical skills and better understand your motivations and interests.

  1. A Glimpse of Your Work
  1. Now that we’ve got to know about you, we’d love to see your work in action. You’ll receive a short homework assignment and give you a few days to complete it (don’t worry, we’ll pay you for your time!) 

  1. Team Interview
  1. You’ll meet with 3–5 future co-workers for about 30 minutes each. Depending on the role, we may ask you to do a short presentation at the beginning of the interview.

  1. Meet Our Founders
  1. Andy Wilson and Sheng Yang started a litigation support company that would later become Logikcull in the early 2000s. Since then, they have personally met with every potential Logikbot.

  1. Offer
  1. Are you the best candidate for the role? Then you’ll hear back from us soon... 

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