Keep Private Information Private

Logikcull Preserve keeps your data safe by minimizing the number of hands it has to pass through on its way to production.

Keep All Your Data In One Place

Getting discovery data via FTP links? Dropbox links? Email attachments? Thumb drives?! Data all over the place and slowing you down? Not anymore. Keep all your data in a safe location that won’t burn out your hard drive until you’re ready to process it.

Minimize Risk With Upload-Only User Roles

Need a custodian to upload their own information but not process it? The upload-only feature in Logikcull makes it easy, fast, and secure to upload any kind of data from anywhere. Logikcull Preserve ensures you don’t pay for that data until you’re ready to act on it.


Securely Store Data… Like, A LOT of Data

90% of data is noise… But you have to start somewhere. With unlimited storage for no additional charge, Logikcull Preserve lets you keep all that noise off your hard drive. 


Save Days of Delay Staging Productions

Once you’ve gathered all the information you need in Logikcull Preserve, there’s nowhere else for it to go: You can start processing the data directly in Logikcull whenever you’re ready. 

Learn about other Logikcull features


Slack API

Collect relevant chat conversations directly from the source and start reviewing immediately.




A big portion of discoverable data is just versions of the same documents. With SimDocs, you can speed up your review by instantly identifying near-duplicate documents and seeing all the differences between them.


A/V Transcription

Get automatic transcriptions of your audiovisual data and review them like any other document. VoiceTouch takes it one step further by instantly jumping to the most crucial parts of your recordings.

Getting started is fast and free

Start a discovery project, in seconds from anywhere.