Outlook Email Collection Made Easy

Forget about the tedious process of searching, exporting, and ingesting Outlook emails to your eDiscovery platform. Just connect, collect, and go. 

Up-level Your Discovery Toolbox

Using off-the-shelf search tools for discovery can compromise your results and up your risk. Logikcull equips you with the arsenal of discovery-grade search & review features you don't have in MS 36 —from fast and unlimited searches to advanced review capabilities. 

Centralize Discovery

Only a fraction of your data lives in MS 365—the rest is usually spread across dozens of apps. Collect data directly from your sources and consolidate the entire discovery process in one robust platform. 

Collect Collect Outlook Emails in Seconds

Why export from Slack the old way when you can just click and go? Pulling relevant Slack conversations into Logikcull is as simple as hitting the “Import from Slack” button.

Leverage Powerful Features for All Your Data

With a direct connection to your data sources and the most advanced processing, filtering and searching capabilities, Logikcull’s powerful tools provide you with fast and reliable discovery for all your data. 

Keep Your Data Safe

When you conduct discovery in different platforms and you export files to local drives, you compromise your data integrity. Manage the process end-to-end from one single place and keep your data always safe.

Learn about other Logikcull features


Slack API

Collect relevant chat conversations directly from the source and start reviewing immediately.



A big portion of discoverable data is just versions of the same documents. With SimDocs, you can speed up your review by instantly identifying near-duplicate documents and seeing all the differences between them.


A/V Transcription

Get automatic transcriptions of your audiovisual data and review them like any other document. VoiceTouch takes it one step further by instantly jumping to the most crucial parts of your recordings.

Getting started is fast and free

Start a discovery project, in seconds from anywhere.