The Lawyer's Guide to Discovery and Investigations in Slack

Slack is changing communication — and discovery as we know it.

Chat is taking over

Slack, the massively popular messaging system, is changing the way we communicate. But legal teams are used to documents, not chat rooms—and the chat rooms are taking over. Today, if you’re only dealing with emails, you’re missing half the story.

But how do you even review Slack data when, until recently, virtually no discovery platform was capable of handling it?

Download this guide for a comprehensive overview of Slack eDiscovery that's been relied upon by thousands of legal professionals.

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A photo of a cat. A series of emojis. A heated back and forth. A message from a bot. This isn’t your uncle’s Facebook page or the comment thread of some website. It’s how millions of corporate professionals are communicating today. It’s Slack.

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