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eDiscovery Billing and Cost Recovery Survey

How are law firms handling eDiscovery billing? What strategies are they taking to recoup their discovery spend? And what obstacles do they face in the process?

We asked.

Logikcull’s eDiscovery Billing and Cost Recovery Survey gathers data from over 100 law firms to see how they are reducing write-offs and dealing with client pushback. From cost recovery models to pricing challenges, this report shines a light on an area that is chronically under-examined, yet increasingly consequential.

Download your copy to access benchmarking data on:

  • What approaches to cost recovery are dominant today
  • The most effective billing models, as reported by legal professionals
  • How much of their discovery costs the typical law firm recovers
  • What causes discovery cost write-offs and client pushback
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eDiscovery Billing and Cost Recovery Survey

This groundbreaking survey gathers information from 100+ law firms, identifying essential benchmarking data on cost recovery, write-offs, and client pushback.
Many clients still view eDiscovery fees as ‘other’— generally outside the scope of legal representation for which they are paying—and thus may view them with a level of suspicion and scrutiny to which other litigation costs are not subject.

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