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Logikcull’s Google Vault integration equips you with all the essential discovery tools you don't have access to in Vault, from metadata search and tagging to redactions and more.

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These organizations halve discovery costs and achieve faster time-to-signal
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Feel Like You're Playing with a Half Deck of Cards? 

If you're trying to hack together a thorough discovery approach with Google Vault or another enterprise archiving tool, you're not alone. But you don't have to settle. Logikcull connects directly to Vault, so you can quickly ingest Google Workspace files (Gmail, G-chat, Google Docs, etc.) and conduct a fast, thorough, and secure search.

Connect, Create a Matter & Go

Drag and drop not fast enough for you? 
With Logikcull's Vault integration, you can connect directly to the source, so you can begin ingesting, organizing and culling data immediately. Just connect, choose your files and create a matter.

Uplevel Your Discovery Toolbox

Using off-the-shelf search tools for discovery can compromise your results and up your risk. Logikcull equips you with the arsenal of discovery-grade search &¬†review features you don't have in Vault ‚ÄĒ from tagging and email threading to advanced metadata search.

Keep Your Sensitive Data Under Wraps

Don't gamble with your most sensitive information. Logikcull automatically detects potentially privileged documents and lets you redact information, including PII, in bulk. We'll even alert you if you've included confidential docs in a production.

Insanely Fast Disputes & Investigations, Just A Drag & Drop Away

Logikcull for Early Case Assessment

Create a project, upload your data, and get instant insights into your matter‚ÄĒin a matter of minutes and with no additional overhead.

Logikcull for Open Records Requests

Break open records log jams with a powerfully simple solution that automates manual tasks and deploys instantly.

Logikcull for Subpoena Response

Respond to subpoena requests with unprecedented speed and control. It’s as simple as upload, search, and download.

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Logikcull for Employment Disputes

Find out who said what and who knew what when. Email filtering and Slack support surfaces relevant comms fast.

Logikcull for Audio/Video 

Whether a Zoom recording or a TikTok video, Logikcull automatically transcribes and makes A/V searchable.

Logikcull for Early Case Assessment

Cull unresponsive data with a few clicks. Culling Intelligence sorts the rest, giving you immediate insights into your matter.

Logikcull for Subject Access Requests

Quickly ingest large amounts of data, and let Logikcull surface the personal information relevant to the SAR.

Logikcull for FOIA and Open Records

Never miss a FOIA deadline again. Logikcull is trusted by the cities of New York, Chicago, Boston and San Jose.

Logikcull for Outside Counsel Management

Stop sending data to outside counsel. Instead, bring them to you in a perfectly secure discovery hub for more control.

Logikcull for Matter Mobility

Don't let something sensitive slip by. Quickly review outgoing matters for confidential or proprietary info before they go out the door.

Logikcull for Subpoena Response

On the hook for the costs of a third-party subpoena? Organize, find and review responsive docs fast, and produce them quickly with minimal business impact.

Logikcull for Managed Review

Cull out unresponsive docs in a few clicks, then batch out the rest for distributed review with detailed reporting.

Logikcull for M&A

Need a clean room? Logikcull is a fully encrypted collaborative workspace perfect for due diligence.

Logikcull for Construction Cases

Get to the bottom of construction disputes fast with specialized features including CAD, drawing and handwriting support.

Logikcull for Data Reduction

More than 97% of all discoverable data is completely irrelevant. Get rid of it in a few clicks to eliminate downstream review costs.

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How FirstService Residential‚Äôs Legal Team Stays ‚Äúthe Best at What We Do‚ÄĚ With Logikcull

Reducing costs and speeding response time in third-party subpoena response and eDiscovery with Logikcull.

Case Study

How FirstService Residential‚Äôs Legal Team Stays ‚Äúthe Best at What We Do‚ÄĚ With Logikcull

Within two months, Shaw had transformed FirstService‚Äôs approach to subpoena response, discovery, and investigations with Logikcull, cutting down the time needed to collect, review, and produce documents by 72% ‚ÄĒ and making sure FirstService‚Äôs legal team remained ‚Äúthe best at what we do.‚ÄĚ

Trusted by the biggest (and smallest) in-house teams, law firms and governments

Logikcull helps save time, money and stress. By using Logikcull, we have been able to bring all disputes and investigations in-house, which has saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside attorney and vendor fees." 

Katie Lynch
Director of Legal Support
 in hosting fees saved last year.

I didn't believe it was as simple as it looked. But once we realized how good the product is and how good the Logikcull team is, it was an easy decision. We're all in. We absolutely love it. And it's transformed our operation at AEP." 

Julie Richer
Legal Operations & eDiscovery Manager

I knew there must be a better way, and we found it with Logikcull. It is intuitive, simple and easy to teach to people who've never used eDiscovery software before. It gives us everything we need, without giving us too much more that would complicate the issue."

Ali Shaw
Litigation Paralegal
71 Percent
reduction in time to respond.

In eDiscovery, little things can really blow out of proportion from a cost perspective. Logikcull has helped us control costs so much because it has given us control of the data."

Amy Sellars
Assistant General Counsel & Director of Discovery Center of Excellence

Logikcull Hold allows us to issue holds quickly, ensure consistency in our process, and manage our holds easily with much greater efficiency. Without Logikcull, we would've had to hire another paralegal just to keep up with all the work.‚ÄĚ

Lindsay Kolar
Litigation Paralegal
360 Hours
saved last year with Logikcull Hold

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