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eDiscovery simplified with Google Vault

With Logikcull’s Google Vault integration, you can quickly search and review data from Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts Chat, and more.

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The Vault integration is available in the enterprise plan and can be enabled in your free Pro account for testing. Request a free trial if you'd like to try the Vault integration.

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Partnering with Logikcull has empowered us to expand the ability of legal professionals to quickly access and review G Suite data subject to disputes and investigations.

How Logikcull’s Google Vault Integration Works

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    Logikcull's Google Vault integration gives you direct access to your G Suite data.

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    Documents are culled, searched, and reviewed for relevance and privilege.

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    Identified documents are assembled, downloaded and exchanged with another party.

Cloud-to-Cloud Instant Discovery

More than half of business data lives in the cloud. Yet, reviewing that data in a typical eDiscovery platform requires first collecting it, downloading it to your computer, and re-uploading it to the cloud — or worse, burning it to a hard drive and mailing it to an eDiscovery vendor. These deadline-busting processes can take days, and introduce human error that exposes your data to significant security threats.

Logikcull’s Google Vault integration makes it easy to manage cloud data. Simply connect your Logikcull and G Suite accounts to export Google Vault data directly within the Logikcull platform.

Stop uploading, start connecting.

Cloud to cloud instant discovery

I can’t say enough about Logikcull. Our old solution came with a 400-page user guide and required we hire a consultant. Not only is Logikcull user-friendly, but it has cut the time it takes to collect and review in half.


Logikcull is trusted by the Fortune 500, AM Law 100, the US Government, and countless law firms and non-profits in every state within the United States and in more than 34 countries world wide.

Instant Discovery for Modern Legal Teams

Cloud-to-Cloud Connections

Access data from Google Vault directly in Logikcull. Conduct discovery and investigations into Gmail, Hangouts Chat, Google Drive, and more.

Cloud to cloud

Instant review

Instant Review

Logikcull makes it easy to find what you need. Use intuitive filters to rapidly cull through data, search with basic or bulk keywords, sort information by metadata fields, apply custom tags, and redact documents in seconds.

Unparalleled Protection

With Logikcull’s G Suite cloud-to-cloud data transfers, your data never leaves the closed-loop environment of Google or Logikcull. No sending data to vendors. No physical media. No wondering “who’s got my data?”

Unparalleled protection

Immediate insight

Immediate Insight

Eliminate downtime and IT work by transferring discovery data directly from G Suite to Logikcull. Logikcull helps you dig into your documents faster, so you get a clear picture of the evidence when you need it.

Trusted by the largest (and smallest) organizations in the world

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    • Maersk
    • Lewis Brisbois
    • The Guardian
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