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Can You Master
Modern Discovery?

Prove It with the Culler Certification.

The Culler Certification from Logikcull is powerful validation to clients and employers of your commitment to speed, efficiency, and security. Instead of measuring your conceptual understanding, Culler Certification evidences your ability to conduct discovery quickly and safely in the real world.

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Discovery can be a slow, expensive and risky process. But it is increasingly the deciding factor in most disputes, and can give a decisive advantage to those who’ve mastered it. Are you equipped with the skill, knowledge and technology to win discovery? The Culler Certification is the badge that says, “Yes I am.”

The certification is verified proof of your ability to find important evidence fast. It signals to employers, peers and clients you possess the expertise and technical acumen to quickly and securely navigate even the most complex discovery scenarios. The program’s three levels are tailored to your level of experience, advancing as your skills advance to the “Master” level.

Unlike most certifications, which measure your ability to pass an exam, the Culler Certification requires you to perform activities within the context of active discovery projects, providing proof of hands-on experience.

The Culler Certification program provides benefits both to individuals and organizations:


  • Advance your skill, knowledge and experience in a fast growing area of business and law
  • Demonstrate core discovery competencies
  • Signal to employers, courts, clients, and peers you value speed and security
  • Appeal to the hundreds of organizations seeking verified discovery experts


  • Lower the risk and cost associated with discovery
  • Handle document-intensive matters securely and affordably
  • Show clients and regulators you value speed, security and proportionality
  • Validate your staff’s skills and competency

Three levels of certification

Progress through the levels as you master your discovery skills and experience advance.

Cert level 1


Cullers have mastered the basics of discovery. These legal professionals can filter documents by metadata, run simple and complex searches, create and apply tags, redact sensitive information, and even train others in the basics of discovery.

Price: Free—Get Started!

Recognition for Cullers: Culler certificate, social network badges, Logikcull apparel, VIP status at CullCons and other Logikcull events.

Cert level 2


Pro Cullers can maximize Logikcull’s full capability. They can create file, cloud, and database uploads; customize reviews; filter documents through complex searches; and create custom production specifications and load files.

Price: $195

Recognition for Pro Cullers: Printed certificate, social media badges, updated user profile, a bottle of Logikcull wine, special Pro Culler status at CullCons and other Logikcull events.

Cert level 3


As the name implies, Master Cullers have mastered the discovery process. They not only meet Pro Culler competencies, but can implement quality controls, draft complex search strings, improve discovery processes through account level templates, and more.


Recognition for Master Cullers
: The intrinsic benefit of being the best in your class. Plus, a trip to Logikcull’s San Francisco headquarters, a private reception with the Logikcull executive team, and more.

How certification works

  • Icon lessons

    1. Complete all lessons

    Watch videos and take simple quizzes to complete the lessons.

  • Icon assessment

    2. Pass the assessment

    Pass the certification exam and complete practical excercises.

  • Icon certified

    3. Get Logikcull certified

    Earn your certificate and share your success with colleagues.

Learning About Logikcull

Get acquainted with the basics of Logikcull and master the skills you need to be successful with Logikcull Learning’s online courses, videos, and webinars.

Search & Review

For New Logikcull Users

25 mins

  • Basic Logikcull navigation
  • Basic filtering and searching documents
  • Basic work product - tagging,
 culling, notes, etc.

Document Review

For Any User from Admins to Basic

20 mins

  • Utilizing the document viewer toolbar
  • Effectively tagging documents
  • Leveraging document metadata
  • Customizing the document list
  • Deduplicating documents
  • Accessing Logikcull support for more help


For Account or Project Admins

15 mins

  • Saving a search
  • Creating the download
  • Sharing the production
  • Viewing produced documents
  • Saving a production template
  • Exporting a privilege log

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