Culling threads

Discovery doesn’t have to be drab. Update your wardrobe with the latest collection of Logikcull swag and show your love for Instant Discovery, classic rock, or bad puns (or all three).

Three Chords And The Truth (Ramones)Three Chords And The Truth (Ramones)
Three Chords And The Truth (Ramones)

Hey daddio, I don't wanna go down to the doc review basement.

We Can Be HeroesWe Can Be Heroes
We Can Be Heroes

vcdLook like a rebel, rebel when you ch-ch-change into this tee.

Cullifornia RepublicCullifornia Republic
Cullifornia Republic

Eureka! For when you’re digging through data like a 49er.

Better Cull SaulBetter Cull Saul
Better Cull Saul

In legal trouble? Better Cull Saul! TOLL FREE (800) 951-5507


For when you have beef with the opposing party.



Legal BriefsLegal Briefs
Legal Briefs

Because going commando in the courtroom is a no-no.

Keyboard WarriorKeyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior

It ain't easy being a vendor. That's why we're not!

Cull the PastCull the Past
Cull the Past

And embrace the future.

Dark SideDark Side
Dark Side

Sync up your next doc review to the “Wizard of Oz” and get ready to have your mind blown.

eDiscovery ByteseDiscovery Bytes
eDiscovery Bytes

That’s what we love about discovery, man. The noise keeps growing. But the signal stays the same…

The Night CullerThe Night Culler
The Night Culler

Fire up the laptop and flip on dark mode. We’ll be here all night.

Yes We Can (Cull)Yes We Can (Cull)
Yes We Can (Cull)

Hope and change for your discovery process.

Jethro CullJethro Cull
Jethro Cull

When your discovery process is as progressive as your rock’n’roll.

Fight ClubFight Club
Fight Club

First rule of discovery: Do NOT talk about discovery...

Viva La LogikcullViva La Logikcull
Viva La Logikcull

The simplicity revolution starts here.

Discovery AnywhereDiscovery Anywhere
Discovery Anywhere

From there to here, from here to there, noisy data is everywhere!


Lettuce surprise you with perfect productions.

Motion to DismissMotion to Dismiss
Motion to Dismiss

Still the fastest way to get your case tossed!


Inadvertent disclosure? Better watch your blind side...

Legal OperationsLegal Operations
Legal Operations

Tell us what hurts. Wait, everything?

Bream TeamBream Team
Bream Team

Bates stamps rule everything around me.

Feature CreepsFeature Creeps
Feature Creeps

For when your latest feature feels like a misfit.

Discovery BrainDiscovery Brain
Discovery Brain

That mush feeling you get when your a thousand docs deep into a review. Can also be used as a drool rag.

All Your Bates Are Belong to UsAll Your Bates Are Belong to Us
All Your Bates Are Belong to Us

Old internet memes only your kid would understand? Also discoverable.

Cull ‘Em AllCull ‘Em All
Cull ‘Em All

It was either this, or Culling Yourself to Live.

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