The Culler Awards Are Back! Submit Your Nominations Today

The Culler Awards Are Back! Submit Your Nominations Today

If you ever need inspiration, proof of the vitality of the legal profession, or affirmation in the law’s ability to change the world for the better, well, just look at your peers. 

Logikcull users are transforming the legal practice. They are leveling playing fields, bringing simplicity to complexity, and reimagining the way legal work is done. 

These are the in-house teams culling millions of documents in a matter of hours, the law firms empowering their attorneys and support staff with increased autonomy over the eDiscovery process, and the nonprofit organization that is cutting out manual tasks so they can devote their energies almost entirely to advocacy—and literally saving lives in the process

These are organizations that are culling the noise and focusing on what matters. They’re leaders like you. 

Logikcull’s Culler Awards are designed to celebrate champions like these—and we’re excited to announce that we’re opening up submissions for our 2021 Culler Awards

Submit Your Culler Award Nominations Today

As part of Logikcull's 2021 InHouse conference, Logikcull will present the second annual Culler Awards, spotlighting Logikcull customers who are going above and beyond in discovery. 

We're asking for nominations for the following categories: 

🧪 Discovery Innovation Award - for customers who are pursuing unique or creative use cases, or finding new ways to use Logikcull for discovery. 

🏅 Discovery Excellence Award - for customers who are creating best practices for discovery workflows or approaches. 

❤️ Discovery Impact Award - for customers who are using Logikcull to make a big difference, in your matter, for your organization or client, or toward a good cause. 


Submit on your own behalf or for a colleague who inspires you! 

One winner will be selected for each category and receive prizes, VIP passes for InHouse 2022, and a donation to a charity of your choice. 

The last day to submit is Sept. 30, 2021.

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