2022 Year In Review: A Recap of Logikcull’s Key Product Insights & New Features

2022 Year In Review: A Recap of Logikcull’s Key Product Insights & New Features

2022 was a busy year for Logikcull’s engineering and product teams. 

With more than 40 new features launched, we’ve kept our foot on the gas in our mission of accelerating the democratization of discovery. 

From Deep Text Recognition to Upload-Only User Roles, our focus this year has been on reinforcing three crucial pillars of our product — Defensibility, Security, and Affordability — for our more than 30,000 global users.

Transparent and predictable pay-as-you-go pricing already made Logikcull the most cost-effective solution in the market, but now it’s also the discovery platform that guarantees you’ll leave no single piece of evidence behind (you’re now even able to search the text embedded in your favorite memes), and that ensures your data is 100% safe from ingestion to production by handling your entire process in a secure, closed-loop system.

Let’s take a look at the main 2022 highlights:

2022 Logikcull Product Insights

From solo practitioners to some of the world’s largest in-house legal teams, educational institutions, and governments, Logikcull’s users are accomplishing great goals and finding new use cases every day. 

That includes organizations like Twilio, whose litigation team saved $360,000 and reduced their reliance in outside counsel by 83% thanks to bringing most of their matters in-house with Logikcull; Compass, which was able to cut subpoena response time from 2 weeks to 5 hours; Plaid, whose innovative legal team has fully streamlined Slack discovery; and organizations like MADELF and the ​​UCLA Voting Rights Project, which are using Logikcull to level the field for traditionally underserved communities.

In 2022, Logikcull usage went over the roof. The more than 16,933 new active users that started working with Logikcull — 41% more than in 2021 — created a total of 22,339 matters (68% more than in 2021) and spent more than 603K hours (almost 7 decades!) on the platform.

2022 Usage Highlights:

  • 129,467 new uploads
  • 7.2M documents in the largest single upload (58% YoY increase) 
  • 6.18B pages processed (62% YoY increase)
  • 294,699 GB processed

What Did We Ship in 2022?

Let’s talk features. On top of a brand new project stats dashboard, not to mention all the redesigns, tweaks, and bug fixes to improve the overall user experience, we rolled out more than 40 pretty showy features this year. We thought we’d run back over some of our greatest hits from our 2022 release notes.

New Depths With DTR

This year, we got deep. We pondered big questions like, “What is our purpose?” “What is the meaning of life?” and “Is there a way to make dark data indexable and searchable so people don’t miss vital documents during discovery?” I’m pleased to report the answers to all three questions: Our purpose is to democratize discovery, the meaning of life is 42, and yes, there is a way to index dark data!

With Deep Text Recognition (DTR), Logikcull can now index and search dark data in PDFs, as well as DOC and PowerPoint files, meaning previously un-indexable dark data in those files—like memes, screenshots of text messages, or other embedded images that contain text—can now be indexed and made searchable. No more worries about missing smoking gun evidence because it’s un-indexed.

DTR extracts deep text from embedded images, preserves existing searchable text, and prevents severe image quality degradation. Logikcull will automatically run DTR on the supported file types. Then it will apply a “Has Deep Text” QC tag to any files it finds with deep text. This is your heads up that the file has an embedded image containing text.

You’ll also be able to see a new field in upload stats called "Deep Text." This represents the total number of documents with that deep text QC tag.


Big Click Energy

When I announced the rollout of our Slack Select All feature, I recommended using your leftover “clicking energy” to click on something fun, like cat videos or our fun YouTube Shorts. The concept of clicking energy may not be scientific (Yet– I’ll definitely commission a full study on it so please stay tuned for my forthcoming TED Talk), but it’s something I think we can all relate to. When you have to click through extra steps to accomplish a simple task it just feels draining. 

Well, this year, Logikcull rolled out a ton of features that will help ensure that you have clicking energy to spare! 

  • Slack Select All

If you’ve used Slack or ever had to deal with it in the context of discovery, you know it is a behemoth of data. Previously, Logikcull required clicking each Slack user you wanted to import data from one at a time. Needless to say, that added up. But no more! Users can now hit “Select All” when uploading Slack user data into Logikcull and get all those users in with a single click! 

  • Bulk User Invites and Actions

Bulk user invites work basically the same way as individual invites did, only... you do it once. Got a list of email addresses? Copy them into the invite box and voila. And yes, you can assign user permissions to those custodians in bulk as well. Not to mention the fact that multiple users can now be simultaneously removed from projects or accounts.  

  • Multi-Page (Full Page) Redactions 

Logikcull users can now redact multiple, full pages all at once. This feature also changes the way the redaction toolbar looks, so you'll now see icons instead of the "Full Page" and "Save Redactions" buttons. If you select the multi-page button, you can specify all pages, or just certain page ranges. And yeah, you can apply labels too.  

  • Delete All Redactions

Since we made redactions so easy, what if you need to get rid of them? Well, we have an answer for that too. Instead of having to go back through and delete redactions one at a time, Logikcull now allows you to delete all redactions at once and start fresh. It's like a watermelon juice detox for your matter. Just be sure to click "Save Redactions" when you're done.  

  • Select to Redact

It used to be that users had to draw rectangles by hand to redact items individually. I love a good rectangle-drawing session as much as the next gal, but I also have a life to live, and Colin Hanks’ entire film and television catalog ain’t gonna watch itself. Enter our new feature, Select to Redact! Logikcull users can now select PDF text, toggle to “Redact” mode, and redact with a click. You can also switch between “Annotate” and “Redact” modes to your hearts’ content, and toggle this option in the Redactions Toolbar. 

  • More Keyboard Shortcuts

That’s right: We have new shortcuts! And a new pop-up modal to help you navigate through them with ease, speed, and dexterity. Now users can create projects, search projects, and switch between dark 😈 and light 😇 modes using keyboard shortcuts. Check them out:


Zip It

There was a time when Logikcull users who wanted to upload multiple files had to manually zip them on their computer before doing so. This can be a confusing pain if you don’t know how to zip files, which a lot of people don’t. I mean, I totally do, and nobody is doubting that at all so there’s no need to ask me any follow-up questions. Capeesh?  

Attorneys and paralegals have better things to do with their time than figuring out how to zip files. There’s also the risk of creating numerous, burdensome individual file uploads because of the confusion around how to zip.

Well, good news! Now all you have to do is drag and drop all the files into Logikcull, and they’ll get zipped up automatically. And pay-as-you-go users will only be charged on the compressed, uploaded size of the data. More pocket change for that New Year’s resolution gym membership that you are definitely going to use.

Don’t Be So Insecure

When it comes to eDiscovery, a major weak point in security is how data changes hands. Before, if you needed documents from someone but didn’t want them to see all your files in a project, you’d have to get the documents from them individually via a less secure source like email, then upload it yourself. This may also have meant you had to download the files to your own computer before you could upload them, making them even more vulnerable. Not to mention taking up more of your valuable time.

Enter Logikcull's new upload-only user roles! This allows Project Admins to invite users who can upload documents without access to any other data in a project. So you -- "you" being in-house folks with remote custodians and law firms who'd prefer to securely collect client data -- can get all the data you need without worrying about prying eyes accessing the rest of your project. 

Cleaning Up Custodians

Back in April, Robert Hilson took the opportunity to coin the word “Custodissance” when discussing Logikcull’s efforts to revive the interest in custodian management issues in eDiscovery. Sure, that’s not as glitzy as reviving the world’s love of art and music, but nonetheless: In the spirit of the Custodissance, we improved the custodian management experience.  

First, we enabled account-level controls that allow admins to easily create, edit, view and otherwise manage custodians from a central command center. Among other things, custodians created at the account-level can now be linked to existing project-level custodians for tracking purposes, you can get an overview of projects and legal holds associated with specific custodians, and you can edit custodian information much more easily. 

In this same spirit, you can also rename a custodian from the custodians dashboard. To use this feature, go into your project and select the gear icon, then choose “Custodians” from the dropdown menu. From there, find the custodian you’d like to change the name of, click the three dots to the right of their name, and select “Rename Custodian.” 


Oh, and did we mention that we enabled a first-of-its-kind user address book so you can automatically recall and add users you've previously added without having to re-enter their information? ‘Cause we did that too.

Hold Up

Legal holds have been a big focus for Logikcull this year. We’ve got more exciting things rolling out on this front soon, so stay tuned, but here are a couple of improvements we made already. 

First, you can now attach files to legal hold notices, so you don’t have to worry about meticulously recreating that document HR sent over. You can attach up to 5 documents per notice, so don’t hold back.  


We’ve also added legal hold surveys to help you manage the scope of your holds. Creating a survey is as simple as checking the “Include a Survey” checkbox when you create the hold. Then hit “next” and you’ll be taken to the page where you can customize your questions. From there, you can add questions and answer types—from multiple choice to paragraph responses— and rearrange questions however you please by dragging them.

The recipient does not need a Logikcull account to complete the survey.

Bonus Content

And finally, though not actually a feature we released, this gif of Benedict Cumberbatch got so much positive feedback when we posted it in the September release notes we would be remiss not to include it in a “greatest hits” list: 


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