5 Reasons to Leave Legacy eDiscovery Software Behind

5 Reasons to Leave Legacy eDiscovery Software Behind

Legacy eDiscovery software is called “legacy” for a reason—it’s old. These legacy programs may feel familiar, but they stopped being sufficient for modern litigation long ago. Today, there’s no reason to wait hours or days for eDiscovery data to process or to suffer through clunky and slow software, all while billable hours are wasted.

If you’re still hanging on to legacy software, here are five reasons to let go.

1. “Clunky, Slow, and Generally a Pain to Use” Has Been Replaced by Intuitive and Refined

Legacy eDiscovery platforms like Concordance and Summation were designed in the early 80’s and it shows. With confusing interfaces and antiquated technology, there’s no wonder why Concordance’s own users describe it as “clunky, slow, and generally a pain to use,” while Summation users complain that it is slow, glitchy, and expensive.  

Modern discovery automation, however, allows for discovery processes that are intuitive, through software that is straight-forward and refined. Searching is sophisticated and powerful, but as effortless as using Facebook. Logikcull’s simple, innovative interface just makes sense, allowing reviewers to get to work quickly, without having to learn the ins and outs of dated technology. Starting a project is as easy as drag and drop. If you need a bit of help, unparalleled customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at no extra cost.

Simple, powerful search:

Searching in Logikcull

2. You Don't Have to Wait Hours or Days to Start Review

Time spent waiting to process, host, and organize documents for review is time wasted. And with legacy eDiscovery platforms, there is a lot of time wasted. Processing and ingesting data in Concordance and Summation can take days. Training reviewers on how to use the platform can take even longer. Meanwhile, the project is stalled while hours and hours of billable work are lost.

There’s no need to be slowed down by sluggish data uploading time and complex processing specs. Logikcull's eDiscovery software helps you avoid the delays that legacy software causes. Simply drag and drop your files and Logikcull processes them in a matter of minutes, automating hundreds of steps, from imaging, to OCR’ing, to de-NISTing, to virus scanning. There’s no waiting for slow, complicated processing and because Logikcull is cloud-based, you can start a project from anywhere.

Start a project in seconds:


3. For eDiscovery, On the Cloud Beats On Premise

When your eDiscovery process is limited to on-site software, and the hardware needed to support it, your practice is limited as well. Processing power is restricted by the hardware you have in house. Review bandwidth is limited by seat licenses, so when you need “all hands on deck,” you’ll also need to pay for new reviewers.

Then there’s the hidden costs. An existing on-premise solution might seem like it’s “already paid for,” but the cost of hosting and maintaining an in-house eDiscovery system can be significant. Servers, storage infrastructure, support costs and labor can leave you with a total cost in the six to seven figures.

A truly cloud-based eDiscovery solution allows you to avoid this frustrating limitations and hidden expenses. With the cloud, your discovery process can scale as needed. Unlimited reviewers can access your database online, at any time and from anywhere, empowering support staff and attorneys to take control of eDiscovery—without being hamstrung by limited seats, technical complexity, or inadequate computing power. Simple, inclusive per-gigabyte pricing means there are no hidden costs for extra users or on-premise hardware.

4. Replace Uncertainty With Security

Legacy eDiscovery software's abilities, as limited as they are, end when the review is done. Once a production is “printed,” it’s up to you to see that it makes it to the other side safely and securely—and that’s not an easy task. Sharing files online or through email can leave them unsecure and exposed to third parties. Burning them to physical media—CDs, DVDs, hard drives and the like—can leave documents vulnerable to loss or theft, and result in the receiving party claiming that they simply never received your production. An eDiscovery production disaster could soon follow.

Logikcull helps make sure your sharing is safe and simple. Production is as straight-forward as downloading, while Logikcull’s ShareSafe feature means you can produce files instantly via a secured download link, where permissions-based access is granted temporarily before automatically expiring. There’s no waiting for documents to upload to an FTP site or burn to a DVD and if the wrong information is accidentally produced, the invitation can be canceled, revoking access in seconds. eDiscovery has never been easier or safer.

Share productions instantly and securely:


5. The Future of eDiscovery Is Here

Once ground-breaking legacy eDiscovery tools reached the limits of what is needed for modern litigation years ago. Modern, cloud-based discovery automation allows for eDiscovery that is simple, intelligent, and flexible. Automating the labor and time-intensive processes typically associated with eDiscovery, from early case assessment through production allows you to handle formerly slow or costly processes in a matter of minutes. Secure, cloud-based platforms can encrypt data in motion and at rest, keeping your discovery databases protected, while ShareSafe allows for production that is simple and secure. Modern software makes eDiscovery fast, elegant and easy to use.

It’s a quantum leap forward.

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