7 Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer About Data Security

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer About Data Security

A post published yesterday on Inc.com suggests that law firms may not be the safe havens for information that clients believe them to be. Similar stories have recently appeared in Inside Counsel and the National Law Review.

The Inc. article, which proposes 7 questions clients should ask their lawyers before entrusting them with sensitive data (and for which Logikcull was asked to comment), is excerpted here:

Lawyers have an ethical duty to protect a client's information, but as technology advances and hackers get smarter, it's getting harder to do.

Not so long ago, if someone wanted to steal your information from a law firm, she'd have to break into your lawyer's office. Now, all she needs is a computer, an interconnection, and hacking skills.

Sadly, the legal industry is a technology laggard which means your lawyer's systems and software may well be out of date. In addition, few law firms have the security and cybersecurity expertise necessary to safeguard their clients' information.

Read the full post below and be sure to download our latest fact sheet on law firm data security.

Is Your Lawyer Safeguarding Your Information? 7 Questions to Ask (via Inc.com)


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