Announcing FlexSearch: Our Most Powerful, Inclusive Search Engine Yet

Announcing FlexSearch: Our Most Powerful, Inclusive Search Engine Yet

We are very excited to make an announcement that's been in the making for more than a year.  Thanks to thousands of hours of engineering work and lots of sleepless nights, we today can introduce a powerful new upgrade to our search engine that broadly expands the use cases for Logikcull.

We're calling it “FlexSearch.” Let it sink in.

FlexSearch represents a fine-tuning of Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence search engine that allows us to now interpret and standardize user behavior. The result is an inclusive search experience that optimizes a broad range of user habits so that you can find important information faster, more thoroughly and with little training.

Our customers shouldn't have to learn or unlearn search syntax when they use Logikcull. They should enter what they know and the system should be smart enough to interpret it. That’s what we've built with FlexSearch.

With some other tools that don't account for variance in searching behavior, a user’s quirks can limit the effectiveness of the search, which can lead to missing crucial documents. FlexSearch adapts to your specific style, intelligently channeling search behaviors that are common to programs like Westlaw, DT Search and Lucene and applying them to the data population in a way that delivers the best search results.  

Every time.

FlexSearch arrives at a critical moment for the legal tech industry where complex legacy tools are being challenged by an emerging breed of powerfully simple solutions that are democratizing the space with unprecedented convenience, accessibility, security and ease of use.

We want to be at the forefront of this movement, leading the charge to make legal search more accessible, affordable and intuitive so that anyone can do it safely and with minimal training.

You can read our full announcement here or click on the banner below to see FlexSearch in action.

And stay tuned. More big announcements to come ;)

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