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Case Study: How Walmart Is Pioneering a Fundamentally New Approach to Discovery

April 2, 2019  |  5 min read

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There’s a legal revolution going on in Walmart. The company at the forefront of global retail is also leading the way in transforming corporate legal practice, implementing cutting-edge technology, simplifying formerly complex processes, and taking control of their data and costs.

Now, Walmart is reinventing corporate discovery and investigations, as detailed in Logikcull’s just-released case study. By bringing much of their discovery process in house with Logikcull, Walmart is pioneering a fundamentally new approach to discovery, one that has reduced processing downtime by nearly two days per project, standardized data access controls across hundreds of outside law firms, and cut document review volume by unheard of levels—reducing the data requiring outside counsel review by more than 98 percent in some cases.

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Walmart Revolutionizes Discovery and Investigations

With more than half-a-trillion dollars in annual revenue and millions of employees, Walmart easily ranks as the world’s largest company, and has since 2014. An organization of that stature faces thousands of disputes and investigations each year.

In the past, Walmart turned to outside vendors and law firms to help them handle the workload associated with these matters. But as case volume and data sizes grow, such an approach becomes increasingly expensive for in-house legal teams. Further, outside vendors left Walmart waiting days or longer while data was processed, while the hundreds of law firms within Walmart’s legal system made it difficult to control access and secure data. As a result, Walmart grappled with cost overruns, data insecurity, and the risk of falling behind on case deadlines.

To change the status quo, Walmart set out to find a solution that would allow them to:

→ Cull data internally to reduce downstream document review costs

→ Speed document review by empowering outside counsel with an easy-to-use tool

→ Secure data within a central repository with strict access controls

With Logikcull, Walmart found a solution that satisfied those needs and more.

Logikcull’s new case study details just how Walmart was able to in-house discovery to take control of its costs and data. You can download that report here. But first, read on for some key highlights.

Instant ECA Reduces Review by up to 98 Percent

Logikcull’s powerfully simple software allows Walmart to bring more of its discovery process in house, realizing significant time and cost savings. Using Logikcull, Walmart’s legal and investigations team can quickly begin reviewing and culling their data when a matter arises, before involving outside counsel. Logikcull’s automatic deduplication instantly reduces data sizes by a significant margin. Afterwards, Walmart’s legal team further narrows down the document corpus using powerful culling filters to focus in on the most relevant documents and exclude those that do not require outside review.

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The result is a nearly unheard of reduction in data volumes going to outside law firms. “We’re able to reduce data needing outside counsel review by 98 percent,” says Janice Jaco, eDiscovery Project Manager at Walmart on a long-term secondment through Keesal, Young & Logan, a boutique litigation law firm in Long Beach, California. “They only get the stuff that really matters.”

In-House Processing Eliminates Days of Downtime

In the past, new matters triggered a complex workflow executed over several days. For data processing alone, Walmart would wait an average of five days, and sometimes over a week, for outside vendors to prepare their data for review.

Using Logikcull, Walmart’s legal and investigations teams are able to move from project creation to review in a matter of minutes. On average, Walmart’s legal and investigation teams can begin review less than 30 minutes after project creation. Outside counsel can be granted access to collaborate almost instantly as well. Given the increased processing speed, “our outside counsel will be able to use the platform in a much shorter period of time,” says Jaco. And because Logikcull is so intuitive, Walmart’s external legal teams can get moving quickly, without being frustrated by difficult interfaces and overly complex technology.

That increased speed means significant time savings. By shaving off 47.5 hours in processing delays alone, Walmart is able to shave 47,500 hours for every 1,000 projects. That’s 1979 days, 66 months, or 5.5 years worth of downtime recouped.

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A Fundamentally Different Approach to Discovery

To take control of its discovery process, Walmart needed more than just powerful data culling and speedy processing. It needed a platform that allowed it to maintain control of its data, gain insight into its discovery projects, and empower outside counsel with technology that was easy to use.

To do that, Walmart standardized discovery practices across all their outside firms—more than 400 of them—by issuing what has become known as the Logikcull “Spa Rules.”

No glassware. No alcohol. No unattended children. “Spa Rules” help maintain order and limit risk. So to ensure the safety of their data, and to empower law firm attorneys with varying degrees of discovery skill with intuitive technology, Walmart created its own code of conduct for outside counsel.

By unifying its outside counsel in a single, closed-loop platform and establishing clear standards for the review and production of Walmart’s data, Walmart has created a fundamentally different approach to discovery, one that gives them unprecedented insight into outside counsel work, while reducing costs, protecting data, and empowering their teams.

For a look into those Spa Rules and more insight into how Walmart is revolutionizing corporate discovery and investigations with Logikcull, download the case study here.
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