We're Updating Our Policies in Light of GDPR

We're Updating Our Policies in Light of GDPR

As we’re sure you are aware, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect May 25, 2018.

The GDPR aims to set standards for consistent and robust protections of EU data subject privacy data regardless of national borders. Logikcull values privacy and takes pride in protecting your data.

You may not process EU data—but don’t stop reading! As part of our GDPR readiness and general data security efforts, we have some updates that apply to all Logikcull users.

All Logikcull Users:

Privacy Policy: We are updating our privacy policy to ensure compliance with GDPR and clarify roles and responsibilities with respect to your data. The updated version of the privacy policy takes effect May 25th, 2018, and is available here.

Terms of Service: Our Terms of Service are being updated to incorporate GDPR requirements with respect to a Data Processing Addendum and to provide greater clarity with respect to your responsibilities pertaining to the protection of your hosted data. The updated Terms of Service takes effect May 25th, 2018, and can be reviewed here.

Vulnerability scanning, threat detection and SOC II Type II: As part of our ongoing security program, we have added layers to our vulnerability management with the addition of vulnerability scanning and threat detection tools; and we’re currently working on our SOC II Type II audit!

Customers Impacted by GDPR:

Self-Assessment: We completed a full GDPR assessment and have been hard at work aligning policies and processes aimed to ensure our timely compliance with GDPR.

Vendors and Sub-processors: In addition to the above, we have completed data maps, conducted vendor assessments, and have executed DPAs with our sub-processors.

Data Processing Addenda: If you require (and as noted in the TOS), we have a Data Processing Addendum available. Please contact contracts@logikcull.com or follow the links in the Terms of Service to initiate execution of the DPA.

Cookies: Logikcull is in the process of publishing a cookies notice on all its sites for EU visitors. Information regarding Logikcull’s use of cookies can be found in that notice or in Logikcull’s privacy policy.

Data transfers and EU-US Privacy Shield: Logikcull stores and processes customer hosted data in the United States. To ensure compliance with data transfer laws, Logikcull complies and is committed to continued compliance with EU-US Privacy Shield.

Privacy requests and questions related to GDPR: If you have further questions about Logikcull’s GDPR compliance, or data privacy or security practices, or would like to submit a request related to your data, please contact privacy@logikcull.com.

This post was authored by Rachel Curran, Director of Risk and Compliance at Logikcull.

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