Clio's Launch//Code Competition Seeks Most Innovative Integration

Clio's Launch//Code Competition Seeks Most Innovative Integration

Two weeks from now, in New Orleans, five apps will face off in the ultimate competition for the future of legal tech. Only one will survive. At stake, the future of legal practice.

Alright, maybe that’s being a little dramatic. No, this isn’t gladiatorial blood sport—and no, no apps will be harmed.

Rather, it’s Clio’s Launch//Code competition, a contest to name the most innovative and impactful integration with Clio, the leading cloud-based practice management software. And Logikcull is excited to be named as one of the finalists.

The Launch//Code contest seeks to identify outstanding integrations that help the 150,000-plus legal professionals that use Clio do their jobs more quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Logikcull’s Matter Mirroring integration is one of those apps. Through Matter Mirroring, lawyers and legal professionals can create a new project in either Logikcull or Clio and have it replicated across both platforms, instantly. If you have an existing matter in Clio that requires discovery, a single click of a button will create that matter in Logikcull. Similarly, users can also create matters in Clio based off their projects in Logikcull, without having to waste time entering duplicative information in either platform.

The integration, one could say, mirrors the ease and efficiency characteristic of the cloud: the ability to simplify processes, eliminate extraneous steps, instill control and consistency across platforms, and reduce friction and downtime.

Facing off against Matter Mirroring are four other innovative legal technology companies:

  • ClientSherpa, a client onboarding software whose integration ports client data into Clio, syncs custom fields across platforms, and allows for the secure transfer of client files.
  • MyFirmData, a data reporting app for law firms, whose integration allows users to create custom, automated reports based of a firm’s Clio data.
  • Tali, the voice-activated time-keeping app that works with Amazon Alexa so you can log your time without a single keystroke, and whose integration syncs those times to your data in Clio.
  • Your Firm App, which provides customized mobile apps for law firms and whose integration connects messaging, document upload, and calendaring across the app and Clio.

The finale will take place October 4th, during the first day of ClioCon in New Orleans. Each finalist will give a three-minute presentation on their integration. Jack Newton, Clio’s CEO and co-founder, will judge the entries, alongside Jules Miller, partner at IBM’s Blockchain Accelerator and co-founder of Prose Ventures, Bob Ambrogi, the legal technology journalist behind Lawsites, and Billie Tarascio, owner of the Modern Law firm.

We hope to see you there! If you haven’t been to ClioCon, go, and not just for the Launch//Code competition. There are few legal events like it—and Logikcull’s discount code will get you 35 percent off the entry fee.


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