What You Missed at Cull in the Dark + 3 Awesome New Logikcull Features

What You Missed at Cull in the Dark + 3 Awesome New Logikcull Features

On Tuesday, hundreds of legal professionals gathered virtually for "Cull in the Dark," Logikcull's Summer Release Event. Logikcull Co-Founder and CEO Andy Wilson dove deep into the shifting work patterns caused by the pandemic, pulling insights and trends direct from the usage data of Logikcull's 20,000 plus users, like you.

Here's a quick preview: The past year and a half has seen massive growth in after-hours culling and general disruption to past work patterns across the legal industry. Hence, culling in the dark, which legal professionals like you have been doing much more of. Indeed, in 2020, Logikcull saw a 21 percent increase in after-hours usage across the board. Users in New York City alone logged more than 16,000 late-night hours in the app. That's nearly two years' time spent in Logikcull, late at night.

eDiscovery Darkness, Both Literal and Figurative

Of course, it's not just the literal darkness of night work that's increased since 2020. Data darkness has been exploding as well. More and more, legal professionals are encountering fragmented data, files and documents that are nearly, but not entirely identical: PDFs of PSTs, screenshots of webpages, dozens of versions of contracts with hundreds of redlines between them, each different in each document, and the like.

Then there is the proliferation of audio and video data. This has been working its way into discovery for years now, via dash cams, surveillance footage, body cameras and more.

But over the past year, much of the professional economy has moved out of the office and onto tools like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. Zoom alone logged 3.3 trillion meeting minutes on its software last year. A fair number of those recorded meetings will end up in discovery at some point—and there's simply no way legal teams can watch 100s of recorded meetings and still meet deadlines (not to mention budgets).

These are the darkness challenges eDiscovery professionals struggle with every day, and "Cull in the Dark" saw three new features designed to help bring some light to your most pressing darkness challenges. Watch the full presentation above and read on to learn more about our new features.

3 New Features to Make It a Lot Easier to Cull in the Dark

Dark Mode

After-hours Logikcull usage has risen by more than 20% in the last year, as we’re all dealing with new ways to work. No surprise then that our users have been clamoring for a product experience that lessens eyestrain, increases focus and uses less energy. This is it. Let there be dark!

Logikcull darkmode


Every day, another 2.5 quintillion (18 zeros if you’re wondering) bytes of data is created. A lot of that data, especially in discovery, is duplicative or fragmental—meaning, many docs you might review are very similar, but not exact. SimDocs lets you identify those near duplicates and automatically highlights the differences. It’s great for contract review, analyzing email threads, and much more.

A/V Transcription with VoiceTouch

Now, whenever you upload a video or audio file to Logikcull, we’ll automatically transcribe it, timestamp it, and make it searchable. But that’s only half of it. Large A/V files can be a pain to get through. So we’ve come up with a way to make it simple and insanely fast. Just search for a word or phrase in the transcript, click on it, and Logikcull will automatically jump to the point of the file that contains that audio. Needless to say, if you’re not encountering A/V yet in discovery, you probably will before long.

Dark Mode is available to all Logikcull accounts starting this July . SimDocs and A/V Transcription with Voice Touch are available on all subscription plans. If you'd like to discuss upgrading your plan, reach out to us at support@logikcull.com. And if you're not yet a Logikcull customer and want to see these new features in action, sign up for a demo today.

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